We have a heartbeat.. and a bonus surprise!

I got back from WPPI last night (will post all about WPPI later of course!) to the most wonderful welcome – a fire in the fireplace, most of the house unpacked (thanks to Jeff!) and tons of hugs and kisses …

Luckiest Week EVER

Go Big Blue!

There is nothing quite as superstitious (or just plain stupid) as pinning your hopes and dreams for having another baby on whether your home team wins the superbowl, but nevertheless that’s what we found ourselves doing.

I …

First Ultrasound – It’s a Blob!

Yesterday was an exciting day, it was my first ultrasound since our BFP and an important one because it makes sure that the embryonic sac is in the uterus and not a tubal pregnancy or anything.

Jeff has never been …

2nd Beta is In!!!

The nurse called and I couldn’t believe my ears..

My Beta went up from 33 @ 12dpIUI to 191 @ 15dpIUI!  That’s almost doubling every 24 hours instead of 48.  (OMG, I wonder if there are two in there?)  Needless …

2nd Beta Today – Double or Nothing??

This is it. This is the day I find out if my low first Beta # was indicative of something ominous like a chemical pregnancy or if I’ve been driving myself crazy and worrying for nothing.

Remember the new calm …

Betas, Baby Showers and Blessings

A few things happened yesterday that made me feel a little bit better about how things are progressing..

First of all, yesterday morning I emailed Dr. K. my concerns about the low Beta:

“I don’t know if you saw but

1st Beta Number is in!

Just got the call..

Beta at 12dpIUI = 33.1

Progesterone = 16.8

Both seem pretty low to me. My lovely friends from the TTTC board on the nest said its fine and I shouldn’t be worried, but how do you …

Clear Blue Easy Digital Says….


clear blue easy digital HPT

Its so nice to see that word.. no lines to interpret, just that one little word. How can it contain such joy? And such fear?

Needless to say I didn’t sleep at all last night.. Poor Jeff, I kept …

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