2nd Beta Today – Double or Nothing??

This is it. This is the day I find out if my low first Beta # was indicative of something ominous like a chemical pregnancy or if I’ve been driving myself crazy and worrying for nothing.

Remember the new calm I posted about yesterday after hearing from my RE?

Its gone.

I’m in full on panick mode which I KNOW is stressful for my body and the little bean inside if it still is indeed hanging on.

This morning I was in the waiting room of my RE’s office waiting to get my blood drawn and the stress/worry/anticipation just got to be too overwhelming and I ran to the bathroom and started bawling.

I’ve never been more scared or anxious or wanted something more in my entire life than this baby and I can’t believe it will all come down to one phone call this afternoon.

To make matters worse, we are launching a new website at work tomorrow and I need to actually get work done today. And if the news is bad, going home or taking tomorrow off is not an option.  I know I shouldn’t even think about that, but I can’t help myself.

Dear Universe, please don’t take this pregnancy away from me..

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ariana says:

KC, thank you, that is incredibly kind and so much appreciated!!

KC says:

I put a good thought for you on a slip of paper and slept with it under my pillow. I really want this to turn out alright for you. I’ll be sending you positive thoughts all day long.