Phalate Free Rubber Duckies on Clearance Now!


I don’t know who referred me to the Mini Social Website, but who ever it was cursed me to receive a daily email with adorable new products.. on sale.. for a limited time only!! Don’t you know that’s like crack …

Photoshop Friday : Cloning – Making Objects Disappear!

In this video  tutorial I’ll show you how to use the clone stamp tool to get rid of a distracting part of your image, like the beer bottle in the picture below.





Like magic right?

>>Click here to

Jasper Making Car Sounds

I am short on time, but long on videos, so here’s another one (are you sick of them yet?)

Now it’s probably just me, but when Jasper started moving his little car around like this I thought it seemed so.. …

Memorial Day 2009

I am so swamped, it’s amazing how losing one day can just completely put you behind! But anyway, just wanted to post quickly about our little memorial day gathering..

Brian, Ami & Peyton came over for a few hours and …


I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!

We had some friends over yesterday for a lovely BBQ that I will post about tomorrow, but today I have to fill you in on all the Jasper milestones that happend …

Jasper Recommends: Happy Baby Baby Food!

happybabyYou all thought I was making all my own baby food all this time right? Ha! In a perfect world yes. In the real world – I just can’t get it together some of the time. Ok, most of the …

New Mommy Podcasts

nmnblogo Back before most of you were reading my blog I wrote this post about my love for the Pregtastic podcasts. They kept me company at the gym while lifting weights and trying to ignore the staring caused by the spectacle …

1st Birthday Photoshoot Tips

When our friends Brian & Ami asked me to take some pictures of their gorgeous daughter Peyton I don’t think they had ANY idea what they were getting in to! Ami confessed later that she thought I’d show up with …

Happy 9 Months Jasper!

Playing with my new speedlite

Shot with my CanonRebel  xsi, Sigma 30mm 1.4 lens and canon 430 ex II speedlite at F 2.2 and ss 1/80th.

9 Months.

6570 hours, 273.8 days, 39.11 weeks, .75 years!

You are oh so much closer to …

Pulling Up!

As if he decided to squeeze in one more milestone just under the wire of his 9 month birthday tomorrow, Jasper pulled up to standing, sittting and kneeling for the first time this weekend!

pulling up: getting ready


pulling up : set

pulling up : go!

The walls of …

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