California Dreamin’

After 2+ years we finally decided to break our self-imposed plane trip embargo and book a trip to the west coast with Jasper!  There are several reasons I thought it was the right time. One is that Jasper has FINALLY …

Jasper Playing Hoops

He may be short but my baby has skills.. check him out getting three in a row!

So far this is his favorite b’day present, thanks to Auntie Diane and Uncle Peter.

In other news, I finally released my second …

Jasper’s Two Year Pediatrician Visit

First of all, the stats!

Wt: 27lbs (and five grams, but who even knows what that means?)

Ht: 34.5″ (Does this mean he’ll only be 5’9″ as an adult?)

Head Circumference: 50cm

Which puts him, for the first time in …

Jasper’s Second Birthday Backyard Bonanza!

OK, so that’s the video highlight reel, here are all the details: In general, the colors were kraft paper brown with blue highlights because blue is Japer’s favorite color! There were other touches of red like in the red bandana …

Jasper’s Birthday Day

I say Birthday “day” because this is a post about his birthday last Thursday, a post about the party (Saturday) will be next!

Daddy bought Jasper the COOLEST shwinn trikey, red and chrome with flames and a wood ride on …

Happy Second Birthday Jasper!!

Dear Jasper,

Today you are two. Or, “one, two” as you would say it, holding up just one finger from each hand because you can’t yet hold down your two little fingers to make two with one hand:

It seems …

Maddox’s 18 month Session

I LOVE when becoming-mom readers book sessions with me… it’s like meeting a long lost friend, which was just how it was when I met Cathy and Maddox.

They had been through some difficult times, and Cathy wanted to document …

Camera Neutral

Here’s a really quick little Lightroom tip..

If you expose to the right (ETTR), which means the maximum number of pixels pushed right up to the right side of the histogram as much as possible without clipping, you may often …

Open Thread Thursday

The way it works is you just post any question you have in a comment and other readers can comment with an answer to your question or post one of their can be about parenting, photography, or just whatever …

Birthday Gift Suggestions for 2 Year Old?

excuse the crappy iPhone picture!

I’ve been asked so many times what would be a good gift for Jasper for his birthday and I’m kind of lost.. I always say books are great, and  he needs some new bath toys.  …

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