Jasper is Six Weeks Old Today!

And no longer tongue tied..(more on that later). But first, introducing Jasper Bear:

Jasper at Six Weeks

Jasper at Six Weeks

So I think it’s true what they say, babies get worse until 6 weeks and then start getting better until 3 months. This …

First Smiles!

So it’s not ALL bad over here at the Dark Lord’s Lair..we occasionally get some rays of sunshine, like when jasper smiles – and we can actually capture it on video!

We also had a fairly decent day yesterday – …

Tongue Tied?

I know it’s been a while since I posted. Jasper has gotten worse to the point that I can rarely put him down at all. He has stopped liking being in the Moby wrap (usually get about 5 minutes before …

We Pumped!

Here is a little video that we took to document the little wheezing sounds that Jasper makes when he sleeps and nurses sometimes. When he was first born, the wheezes were like an octave higher. It’s amazing how fast they …

More Thoughts on Colic

But first a little video of Jeff’s “Is Jasper Hungry” test!

I want to thank you all for your extremely thoughtful and useful advice on Jasper’s “colic” situation. I put “colic” in quotes because I don’t think his discomfort is …

Jasper’s Second Week

I have maybe 5 seconds before Jasper gets bored of the swing and starts screaming, so if this post gets cut of half way, you’ll know why!

Some highs and lows of our second week…


Bath Time

Bath Time

Jasper’s umbilical …

Things I Can’t Live Without

Jasper, 9 Days Old

So for those of you still expecting, I thought I’d put together a list of the items we are loving and using all the time.

1) The Miracle Blanket. Jasper is quite the Houdini. Jeff …

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