13 Things I Can’t Live Without

In honor of my friend Hilary whose due date is today, I thought I would finally take a moment to list a few of the things that I could not have survived these first few months without!

1) Fisher Price

Diaper Rash Woes

Sasha Crying

I’d be crying like Sasha too if I had such bad diaper rash!

Jasper never had anything like it so I was a bit unprepared for it – our go to Weleda Diaper care I’d always used for Jasper wasn’t …

New Use for Old Highchair

My mom’s friend Linda gave us this old highchair to keep at my parents’ house. We never loved it as a highchair – Jasper would keep sliding out of it until rather recently due to the awkward 90 degree angle …

Sanity Saver: Plexiglass!

Our solution to toddler vs. TV has evolved in stages, I wanted to share our small victory with you all in case you are fighting a similar battle!

First we bought a little premade plexiglass strip like this one that …