Family Self Portraits, Things that Break my Heart & Giving Thanks


Us - yes, as as in ME TOO!

Us - Silhouette

First, about the images: I took these images yesterday as part of endeavor to take our own family portraits with just a remote shutter release.  I have to say I’m a little bit amazed it actually WORKED! {Taken with …

The Good News and the Bad

The bad news is that our first IUI didn’t work.  I wasn’t REALLY expecting our first medicated cycle to  do the trick, but I sure was hoping.  The logistics of fertility treatments once you already have a child are much …

CD 13, IUI

Today was our second IUI. As usual, I was expected to be in the office early with Jeff’s “sample.”

Because the Westchester branch of my clinic is closed on the weekends, I had to once again go into NYC for …