Photography Friday: Shooting in Manual Mode

Dear blog readers. I love you. I must really really love you. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t DREAM of posting this video tutorial in which I thoroughly embarrass myself and have a totally blond moment (please don’t take offense if …

Jasper’s One Year Photo Book!

I never bought a traditional baby book – you know, the ones that have a few blank lines where you put in the date of baby’s first everything?  I had this pie in the sky idea that I would digiscrap …

Mommy SOS: What to Drink While Pregnant or Nursing?

Dear Becoming-Mom: I’m pregnant and am not supposed to be drinking too much caffeine, I’m also above the recommended weight gain and don’t want to drink anything with too much sugar/calories.  But I’m so sick of drinking only water, please

Sun Flare

Remember what I said at the end of this post about backlighting and spot metering?  Here’s another (more extreme) example of what spotmetering allows you to do..

Spot meter on your subject’s face and you can even take images with …

He’s Got Skillz

I took so many photos of Jasper this weekend that I wanted to share but haven’t had time to edit them properly so a video will have to do!

My dad reminded me that I should be taking more videos …

Putting a Lid on It

Thank you for all the wonderful 1st birthday present ideas!

I couldn’t resist posting this little video that so perfectly illustrates the sequences developmental leap that we discussed yesterday.  Not only does Jasper realize that the lid should go …

Mommy SOS: Great 1st Birthday Gifts Ideas?

This mommy SOS was submitted by Lynn Monaco who asked:

My daughter’s 1st birthday is coming up and people are asking me for gift ideas. As this is my first child, I really have no idea what to tell them!

Let’s Discuss: Crisis in Kindergarden, The Disappearance of Play

I recently read an excellent article by Peggy Ornstein in the NY Times about her search for a Kindergarten for her daughter. It is an eye-opening read that pretty much sums up everything that I think is wrong with education …

Mommy SOS: Vacationing with Baby – How??

Clearly I am very stressed out and need a vacation.

Clearly I am very stressed out and need a vacation.

A reader emailed me with this mommy sos and it’s one that I’ve been meaning to ask you all anyway:

How do you vacation with your baby?

I guess I …

Happy 11 Months Jasper!

11 month old photoshoot: Taken with my Canon digital rebel xsi, Sigma 30mm f/1.4 Lens at these settings:
SS 1/160th
ISO 100

Dear Jasper,

This 11 month birthday could easily be overlooked standing so close to the …

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