Betas, Baby Showers and Blessings

A few things happened yesterday that made me feel a little bit better about how things are progressing..

First of all, yesterday morning I emailed Dr. K. my concerns about the low Beta:

“I don’t know if you saw but my Beta only came back at 33 and P4 at 16.

The day before my Beta I had a clear positive HPT which means my HCG level
couldn’t have been much less than 25 on thursday, so for it only to go up
to 33 the following day doesn’t seem like nearly enough.

I’m really scared that this is too low, please be honest with me and let
me know your thoughts?”

To which he replied:

“I think for an early hcg level it is quite high – honestly. To speculate a quantitative measure from urine is dangerous. Time will tell, but it is a strong first number for
only 14 days from ovulation trigger.”

Did you see that! He said it was quite high! I’m not sure where he’s getting that, but hey, I’ll take any shred of hope I can get.

The second thing that made me feel MUCH better was the HPT I took again yesterday:

13dpiui pee stick photo

See how the line yesterday (13dpIUI) was clearly much stronger than the two previous days? That means my HCG level must have gone up in the last 24 hours (and from the looks of it, by quite a bit).. which is a very good thing. Maybe I’ll be getting a strong beta tomorrow after all?

So after analyzing pee sticks and obsessing over my Beta #s all morning, it was time to go to my dear friend Sarah’s baby shower.

I had been dreading this shower ever since I realized sometime midway through my last cycle that I would find out if IUI #2 had worked a day or two before the shower. Of course I never really imagined the result would be a BFP, I was so SURE that the shower was going to be torturous for me.. and let me tell you IT WOULD HAVE BEEN!

A little background here. We have three couples that make up our group of close friends. Sarah & Jay, Mike & Tracy and Sara & Mando. Sarah & Jay (of the baby shower yesterday) got married almost a year after us and were pregnant about 2.5 seconds later with an oops baby. Fast forward about another month.. Mike & Tracy get married and guess what? about 2.6 seconds later they are also pregnant with an oops baby.

Please don’t get me wrong I LOVE these woman, and I am over the moon happy for them about their pregnancies, but that still doesn’t make it fair!

Of course there were a gazillion pregnant ladies at the shower yesterday so someone suggested taking a picture of all the “bellies” and when they all stand up, my OTHER friend Sara (of Sara & Mando) stands up too. And we’re all like no, its just the pregnant women. And she starts shaking and says she knows…. yep, she’s 17 weeks pregnant!!

She was on the pill and STILL got pregnant. Could I have a more fertile group of friends?? I guess it was just a matter of time hanging around all that fertility that some of it would rub off on us!

My friend Amy and I had suspected that Sara with no H was pregnant since the last time we saw her at my birthday party in October based on her boob size, but didn’t say anything.

This is funny because yesterday Sarah with an H (baby shower Sarah) sat down next to me and said “Are you pregnant?”. It totally took me by surprise, but she had apparently noticed that for the first time in my life I actually have boobs.

I had to rather lamely deny it, I just can’t let it out this early, there’s still too much chance of something going wrong.

A few hours later my OTHER two pregnant friends Sarah with no H and Tracy confront me and say they think I’m pregnant. At this point I’m totally flustered.. I don’t know what to say, I sputter something about not knowing yet or whatever, totally unconvincing I’m sure.

So my question is, how the hell DO people keep the secret? Apparently me and all my girlfriends have some sort of supernatural boob size sensor because we all just KNEW each and every time one of the other got pregnant even if it wasn’t confirmed until much later.

Its kind of sweet actually.

So what could have gone down as one of the worst days of my infertile life (OMG, another OOPS I’m pregnant friend and I still don’t have a baby??) was instead really exciting.. sara with no H is 17 weeks so our kids will be 3-4 months apart! And all of us will have children within 1-2 years of age of each other.. so none of us have to be the “childless” couple that doesn’t fit in anymore.

That is a true blessing and I am so grateful that I get to share in this journey with my wonderful girlfriends and their husbands as we all move on to this exciting next stage of our lives together.

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It's Lovely says:

Hi Ariana

I’m so happy that things are looking good for you! I’ve never come even remotely close to a double line on that stupid pee test and so the fact that it got stronger is encouraging. Also the docs comment sounds like it’s all good : )

I’m so with you on the baby shower thing and the fact that everywhere I look there are pregnant women. If my insensitive MIL asks me one more time when we’re going to have a baby I might say something I regret. I also had a friend who got pregnant while on the pill. Her 4th!!! Da*n those fertile girls. ; )