Editing ONLY in Lightroom: Before & After with Video

A few weeks ago, I was reading an interesting thread on www.ilovephotography.com where one of the most respected members said that most photographers don’t use Lightroom for more than organization and basic fixes like White balance and exposure. In her …

Creating Smart Collections in Lightroom – and WHY

I do most of my initial edits in lightroom (basic exposure adjustment, white balance) and then any image I present to clients gets further polishing in Photoshop. That means that every file that I present will be a PSD file. …

Making black fabric backrounds REALLY black in Photoshop

This is a technique that I use with all of my baby or baby and parents on black. Even though the SOOC looks like this:

It’s just a few quick steps to get that clean pure black look:





Let me …

Photoshop Tutorial: Selective Leveling

I first learned this method of improving local contrast from Damien in a thread he posted on ILP.  If you don’t already know about Damien’s blog, he’s got some really great posts and tutorials about everything from post processing …

Making Grass Green

I was just preparing a few images of this adorable girl’s shoot to post on my photography blog and I thought I would do a quick tutorial on something that I had to do in almost every image from this …

Photoshop Tutorial : Removing Color Casts in Two Seconds Flat!

I just finished editing a family session where the little girl was wearing a NEON green shirt in some of the images. Neon green shirt = neon green color casts on her face!

Here is the before:

Before removing color

Photoshop Tutorial : How to Stretch the Canvas

Before bothering to watch this tutorial, please note that content aware scale is a feature that was introduced as of photoshop CS4.  If you don’t have cs4 or higher, maybe watch anyway because it may influence your decision to upgrade! …

Photography Basics: RAW vs. Jpg

I was pleasantly surprised at how many of you lucky ladies said you got a new DSLR under the tree for the holidays, so I wanted to do a quick little primer on RAW vs. jpg:  What is RAW (hint: …

Photoshop Friday: How to add brightness without clipping highlights

It’s been way too long since my last video tutorial.. the wait is now over (I can hear your collective sighs of relief ;)

This is something I just learned how to do.. select JUST the highlights of an image …

Using Your Camera’s Histogram Display

Here’s a little video I put together showing you how to use your DSLR’s display option to toggle to the histogram view. Histograms (with the exception of a few extreme lighting situations) are an excellent tool you can use to …

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