Fall Fashion – for Mom & Baby!

Kimberly sent me the link to Baby Gap’s new toddler Deauville collection & baby Deauville collection the other day and I have been obsessing ever since, there isn’t anything that I DON’T want for Jasper for fall:

Babies in the …

Fun with Baby Astrology!


About two years after I graduated from college I had what I call my “renaissance” period.

I had been living and working in the DC area, totally lost and unsure of what direction I wanted my life to take when …

My 15 Minutes of Podcasting Fame

I was updating my ipod with my latest podcasts in preparation for the gym this weekend when I saw it: “Mothers Online“, the newest podcast from New Moms New Babies featuring  – moi!

My heart started beating faster …

Found: Children’s Music that Doesn’t Drive Mommy Crazy

It never ceases to amaze me how I get emails from readers asking for advice about issues that I’m currently grappling with myself. Take this email from last week:

Hi Ariana,

I really liked that Happy Birthday song from Innocence

Jasper on Ohdeedoh!


Ohdeedoh, how I love thee, let me count the ways:

1) Because you always find amazing beautiful baby products and small vendors I wouldn’t have otherwise known about.

2) Because you feature reader’s nurseries, parties and other projects

3) …

Mommy Necklaces 40% Off!

Kimberly alerted me to the fact that if you become a facebook fan of Mommy Necklaces, you can order anything you want from the store at 40%  off through midnight tonight!

You may remember from the mommy necklace photoshoot

Poladroid – The Next Best Thing

If you too mourned the recent passing of Poloroid, you will be as excited as I was about Poladroid!

You click and drag your images onto the poloroid camera on your desktop and it even gives you that Poloroid …

Light Weight Swaddling Blankets

If you are due in the hot summer months like I am, chances are you will appreciate these light weight muslin swaddling blankets from Aden & Anais:

camo swaddling blanket

In camo print, my favorite, (but currently out of stock) $29.95 for

Decorate Your Nursery Walls

By order of the Management!

Etsy artist John W. Golden created these By order of the management posters because he got tired of saying the same things over and over again to his kids.. pretty smart right?

Some like the …

20% Off Sale at Crazy8.com

I’d never heard of this store before today, but I’ll definitely be checking back there more often..

Is this not the cutest thing for the least amount of money you’ve ever seen?

Hatchling Swim Coverup – $7.19 (!!)  from Crazy8.com…