Babbling Babies

My dad has been nagging me since the day the girls were born that we haven’t taken enough videos of them, and sadly, it’s true.

Yesterday I put them in their high chairs and they were being SO cute while …

Hello Again!

Another long absence from the blog, another apology, another excuse!   Seriously though, the second Jasper’s 3rd Birthday party was over, I basically ceased to do anything but work on the the Organic Bloom Frames for my wall guides! It …

My Journey into Making a Product Video

I’ve been holding onto this post for a while because I’ve been SO busy and now instead of a series of semi-intelligible posts on the subject it will be a very long diatribe.  I don’t expect anyone to actually read …

Open Them Shut Them: A Rare Performance by Jasper

One of the things I have promised myself to do is take more videos with my DSLR camera. The ability to control the aperture and achieve a shallow depth of field look just makes them so much yummier than videos …

I Am About to Kill You with Cuteness

Don’t say I didn’t warn you..

Jasper Rocking Out from Ariana Falerni on Vimeo.

(no really, you want to click play – yes even if you are at work and your boss is within earshot!)

Jasper is OBSESSED …

Editing DSLR Videos on a PC – Help!

Yesterday Jasper did perhaps the cutest thing EVER. I’m not going to tell you what, because I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but it was cute enough for me to implore him to WAIT. STOP! LET MOMMY FIND HER …

Jasper Singing ABC

I didn’t even knew he knew his ABCs.. I guess they sing it at daycare?

I shot this with the Mark II, I already had my exposure correct because I was taking stills just before he busted out in song …

Jasper Playing Hoops

He may be short but my baby has skills.. check him out getting three in a row!

So far this is his favorite b’day present, thanks to Auntie Diane and Uncle Peter.

In other news, I finally released my second …

My Child the Musical Prodigy!

Ok, so maybe harmonica isn’t technically as difficult as say, a stringed instrument, but I was impressed by his melodic sensibility :)

Jasper Riding his Tricycle

Jasper has had his tricycle for a while now.  At first, we would push him on it using the handle but eventually he got tall enough to scoot around using his feet on the floor.

So when he came riding …

403 Forbidden

403 Forbidden