First Ultrasound – It’s a Blob!

Yesterday was an exciting day, it was my first ultrasound since our BFP and an important one because it makes sure that the embryonic sac is in the uterus and not a tubal pregnancy or anything.

Jeff has never been to my RE. Ever. So he sort of surprised me the day before saying he wanted to come just in case god forbid everything wasn’t ok in there.

When we got into the ultrasound room and jeff saw the “wand” and realized it was going to be a vaginal and not abdominal ultrasound he just about passed out. Great, he’s going to be a lot of help during childbirth.

The doctor came in and saw this, and declared that we were pregnant with a healthy looking singleton:

Huh? Where?

Once he pointed it out to me, it was pretty obvious:

Ultrasound of Embryonic Sac at 4 weeks 6 days. 

Yay, we have a little blob! I told jeff it kind of looked like him :) We’ve taken to calling it our “blobby” instead of baby.

Dr. K asked me when I wanted to come in again next week. I decided to wait until the latter part of th week so that we have  a better chance of seeing a heartbeat.  So next ultrasound is December 20th. A strong heartbeat will be the best Christmas present ever!

Later I got the call from the nurse that my Beta HCG level was up to 3388 (this would be 22dpIUI), which is a doubling time of about 40.5 hours. The average beta reported on for that day is 2247, so I’m pretty happy with that number.

My progesterone is only at about 28, which seems a bit low to me, but the nurse said all the numbers were great, so I’m not going to worry (for once!)

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ariana says:

Thank you Lori, we think it’s pretty cute too!! :)

Lori says:

That is the cutest blobby I’ve ever seen!!! :0)
Congratulations again!! I’m looking forward to following your journey!
~ Lori