Happy Thanksgiving!

This year we have SO much to be thankful for I may just cry the whole day tomorrow…

I am thankful that I don’t have to deal with the heartbreaking disspointment of infertility, I am thankful that I survived childbirth, …

TRU and BRU Black Friday Doorbusters

If you are brave enough to battle the masses, click here to see a PDF of all of the sale and door buster items at BRU and TRU this weekend..

Here are the things that caught my eye:

Fisher Price Rainforrest Bouncy Chair

Fisher Price

From Prince to Pauper

In the milk department..

Last week my milk supply seemed to take a huge dive. This totally blindsided me because I’ve always had a bit of an oversupply problem and protecting against supply issues when on the Total Elimination Diet …

Reflux Revisited

So this week has been episode three of the “return of the reflux”.. you would think that by now I would have recognized the signs: the random crying, the sleep disturbances, constant hiccups, the extreme fussiness at the breast (pulls …

Happy Three Month Birthday Jasper!

Dear Jasper,

Today you are three months old!

I remember thinking how far away three months seemed when you were first born and it felt like my three month maternity leave was a long time.. And then our time together …

I am at the Breaking Point..

Jasper in his “Going to Brooklyn” outfit.

But first the good: Jasper had his first overnight this weekend! We went to visit friends Sarah, Jay and their daughter Daphne and spent the night in their guest bedroom..

Jasper did really …

I HATE Daycare!

Today is day three of Jasper going to daycare and already he is sick! He has a super congested nose and a terrible cough.. between that and his usual terrible gas pain I was up ALL night.

I hate that …

Jasper is 12 Weeks Old Today!

Bath time!

Dear Jasper,

You are 12 weeks old today and I can’t believe how fast time is flying by..

After weeks of practicing you are finally able to get your hands into your mouth, though sometimes it’s by way …

In Search of Plastic Fantastic

We have officially crossed over to the dark side.. well, actually the more colorful side and given in to the the world of fisher price and plastic primary colors, lights and sounds when we purchased an exersaucer at a consignment …

Jasper is at Daycare Right Now

For the first time..

I start work again full time on Monday, today I left him at daycare for a few hours for a trial run.. I miss my little monkey :(

I wonder if he misses me? I’m not …

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