Shower Tomorrow, and Hostess Gift!

Tomorrow is our long awaited shower, I’m so excited!

Of course I’m excited to hopefully knock a few things off the registry that we really need, but more than that I’m just really looking forward to seeing our friends and …

Fleurville Sling Tote

My search for a diaper bag is over!

As background, I should say that I am not typically a bag whore. In fact Jeff still maligns the fact that he bought me a $300+ Kate Spade handbag one Christmas at …

Buy Buy Baby and Coupons

But first, I wanted to share these wall letters that reader Chantal did for her daughter’s room:

So cute aren’t they? Chantal took the patterns off the JJ cole crib bedding. What an amazing job!

Buy Buy Baby..

You may …

Preterm Labor Part II – 32 Weeks

First of all, thank you all sooooo much for voting on Oliver vs. Knut, I think I have decided to get both as many of you suggested!

Because this post will be very long and wordy, here is a …

Oliver or Knut?

As much as I love the John Golden prints, I decided to go with the Creative Thursday ones.

Partly because I already have one, this adorable owl print that until now hasn’t had a proper home:

I had feared that …

Infertility Postage Stamp

Dyan from Magic Cabin was kind enough to send me a link to this blog post about the world’s first infertility stamp.

The image literally took my breath away:

The use of negative space is the perfect metaphor for the …

Nursery Wall Art

I think I made a decision about the wall behind the changing table!

I posted before about etsy artist John Golden and his “By order of the management” posters, but he has an adorable “woodland critters” series of prints that …

The Monkey Mural is Finished!

monkey mural in nursery

More pictures over at becoming-home.

Since we decided to put the tree by the crib and not over by the glider, now I’ve got to seriously figure out what to put on the wall behind the glider which is …

FSA Accounts and Why I hate the IRS

I found out I was pregnant in December. About 2 days after our 2008 elections were due for things like contributing to pretax FSA.

I had been going weekly to see a super expensive fertility accupuncturist ($125 a session!) so …

Ultrasound Results – Cervix is Closed!

I got the best possible news, my cervical length is still 3.5, which means no change at all since my anatomy scan at 19 weeks! No funneling either, so bed rest is off the table, yay!

I had the sweetest …