Happy Seven Months Sasha & Willow!


This has been such a big month for you two! Both of you are practically pro sitters which makes our photoshoots so much more fun! It also means that we can prop you up with boppys to catch you in …

A (Sasha) Star is Born!

I don’t think her middle name had anything to do with it, it was really just completely a case of being in the right place at the right time and being married to the right man … in any case, …

Happy Three Months Sasha & Willow!

Ok, technically it’s 3 months and 1 week.. but you keep me very busy, so please excuse my tardiness!

Willow Rose


Willow, you are such a sweet, mellow happy baby -we call you “Chillow!”  But you are no wallflower.  Quite …

Happy New Year and Bye Bye Maternity Leave

That's a lot of kids. Happy new year IG!

I snapped this yesterday (new year’s day!) and it hit me as it sometimes does randomly – wow, I have a LOT OF KIDS!

2012 will forever be blazed into my memory as the year of change.  The year we …

Black Friday Deals for Photographers!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving weekend wouldn’t be complete without shopping for some deals right?

I’m having a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale on the Photographer’s Wall Display Guides:

Enter code FRIDAY12 at checkout and save 20% through …

Surviving Sandy


Day 5 of no power thanks to Sandy the frankenstorm.   Which means day 5 of living like pioneers – sleeping in a family bed in front of the wood burning stove that must be tended to every few hours and …

Save 10% on Any New Clickin Moms Subscription!

Most of you have heard me talk about Clickin Moms before, but for those of you who haven’t, here is why it’s my favorite photography forum and why you should join!

1) It’s kind and supportive.  If you prefer snarky …

Favorite New Features in Photoshop CS6

There are some really fun new enhancements, but by FAR the most exciting (to me) is that you can now edit video right from within CS6!  But we are talking about way more than just sequencing, trimming etc, you can …

Bring Your Baby to the Movies? Yes Please!

I get a LOT of press releases. Most go straight into my recycling bin. But when TheBump.com sent this one about “Bring Your Baby Matinee” I was intrigued – hey, maybe I WILL get to leave the house …

8 Tips for Newborn Shoots with Fussy Babies

Right after my insanely busy fall season I wanted nothing more than to take at least a month-long break from photography. But, I had two newborns due in early December that I had booked months earlier. As fate would have …

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