Clear Blue Easy Digital Says….


clear blue easy digital HPT

Its so nice to see that word.. no lines to interpret, just that one little word. How can it contain such joy? And such fear?

Needless to say I didn’t sleep at all last night.. Poor Jeff, I kept waking him up with all my tossing and turning and asking him “How can you sleep? We are PREGNANT!”

Then I rushed off this morning to RMA for a Beta. I won’t know the results until late this afternoon, which makes for a very very long day.

I do want to go back to yesterday though.

I came home from acupuncture expecting some sort of romantic greeting (flowers would have been nice honey) and instead Jeff is sitting on the couch with his laptop on his lap and doesn’t even get up to hug me.

When I was like “hello, I’m pregnant, can I get a little celebratory reaction here?” he kept saying that he wouldn’t believe it until the doctor said it was true.. he was half joking, but not really. He doesn’t know/understand the accuracy of HPTs, what the hell a Beta is,  why it needs to double, he’s just so in the dark that I think he’s scared to be excited too soon.

So all in all, there was no tender “you’re going to be a daddy” hallmark moment for me.

Back to the present..

I am really not feeling many symptoms at all. Some random tightening cramps, constipation of course and increased appetite (already??). I ate two eggs for breakfast this morning and I normally barely eat breakfast. Then, by 10:30 I was starving.

But in general, I am the happiest I’ve ever been.. not in a giddy sort of way, but in a “I have the best secret in the world” sort of way.

Next steps?

1 )Wait for Beta this afternoon.

2) Pray for Beta to double over the weekend and go back for 2nd Beta Monday.

3) Learn about pregnancy. Seriously, I know about as much as an RE about infertility, but when it comes to actually being pregnant? I’m like a fish out of water.

If anyone has any great books to recommend let me know!

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ariana says:

Thanks PJ!

Raisingirl, thanks for delurking ;) I hope that when you and your husband decide that the time is right you don’t have any problems at one should have to go through all this just to be able to do what should come naturally!

AnNicole/Raisingirl says:

Another random lurker here. Congratulations and good luck with the beta testing! That’s such good news!!

I’ve loved your house blog and have been following this blog too. My husband and I aren’t trying to get pregnant quite yet (I’m currently supporting his butt through law school) but we tried for about 6 months before he decided to go to school and had no luck. I had the joy of taking Clomid (insanity in a bottle) too. It’s been really enlightening reading about your experiences and to know what I may be in for in a year or two.

Congrats again!

PJ33062 says:

Good thoughts and prayers for you on your beta testing!!
Happy and a healthy pg. for you!!!