12 more hours as a mother of one..

So, things didn’t exactly go as planned this week.  As far as the GIRLS, they both did everything right, they are head down, only about 12% difference in size. It’s my BODY that won’t cooperate!

When I went in for …

The Girls’ Nursery!

Sasha & Willow's Nursery

Finally finished!

The paint color was there before we moved in, so we decided to go with it. The fuchsia paper balls were actually left over from the bridal party I threw my friend Alexis – Jeff dumped them in …

Shoot & Sell iPad app now Available!

Children and blogs, they’ll make liars out of you EVERY.TIME!  Yes, hot on the heals of my “I’m going to be better about blogging my real life moments” post I’m going to now post that my iPad app, fruit …

The Lost Summer

Given my long absences I’m sure some of you might have been wondering if I gave birth to the twins yet. Nope, still here.. ! I HAVE however given “birth” to Shoot & Sell, the iPad app version of my …

403 Forbidden

403 Forbidden