Jasper Discovers his Hands

For a few weeks now Jasper would lay in his crib and with his left hand only (I think he’s going to be a lefty!) would make a little pincer gesture with his thumb and forefinger. Then he would move …

Sleep, the Hidden “S” in Fussiness

But first, as usual, a few new pictures!

Here we are apple picking at our Rockland Mommy’s Meetup Gathering:

Apple picking

Apple picking

You may notice that A) I am wearing the green sweater from Target that I blogged about and B) …

Postpartum / Nursing Mom Fashion

You don’t find much talk about postpartum.. every pregnant woman is so focused on pregnancy and the actual BIRTH that no one tells you about things like how unbelievably uncomfortable you will be for at least the first 2 weeks, …

Babies R Us Rewards Card!

Make sure you ask for a rewards card next time you shop at BRU.. finally they have a points/rewards program! The benefits are a free shipping coupon and best of all, a buy 9 get one free Pampers program!

There …

Happy Birthday To Me..

I am 35 today..

I don’t usually like birthdays, and anything that ends in 0 or 5 is usually another unwelcome milestone, a reminder that the next big one (40!) is just around the corner. But this one is different.…

Happy 2 months Jasper!

Some photos and a video of Jasper at 8 weeks old..

Dear Jasper,

At 8 weeks you love to lie on your changing table and laugh, “talk” and coo. You also love to lie anywhere that there is a mobile …

Favorite Things, Pet Peeves and More

Gratuitous picture of Jasper

Gratuitous picture of Jasper

So now that I’ve been at this Mommy thing for almost two months (!) now, I have some experience under my belt and want to share what has worked, not worked and what I wish would …

7 weeks and a visit from Grandpa

Jasper is 7 weeks old today. I can’t believe how fast time is flying by..only 5 more weeks until I have to go back to work. More on that later.

But first, some pictures of Jasper and his Grandpa F. …

HuangGuanXianJinDaiLi ZhenQianTiXianZhaJinHua WangShangZhenRenDuiZhanMaJiang ZhenQianZhaJinHuaYouXi BenChiBaoMaLaoHuJiJiQiao ZhenQianZhaJinHua ZhenQianTiXianZhaJinHua JinShaQiPaiYouXi HuangGuanXianJinDaiLi ZhenQianTiXianZhaJinHua WangShangZhenRenDuiZhanMaJiang ZhenQianZhaJinHuaYouXi BenChiBaoMaLaoHuJiJiQiao JinShaQiPai WangShangZhenRenDuiZhanMaJiang ZhenQianZhaJinHuaYouXi ZhenRenMaJiang BenChiBaoMaYouXiJiZuoBi AoMenYinHeYuLeChang OuZhouZhenRenWangShangYuLe DongSenPingTai LaoHuJiJiQiao HuangGuanZhaJinHua WangShangYuLeChangPaiMing YongLiGuanFangWangZhan WaiWeiTouZhu WangShangZhenQianZhaJinHua WangShangZhenQianZhaJinHua BoGouZhuCe ZhenQianZhaJinHua KeTiXianZhenQianZhaJinHua AoMenPuJingDuChangWangZhi TaoBaoDuQiu DongSenPingTai HuangJinChengYuLe AoMenYongLiWangShangYuLeWangZhan ZhenQianDaPaiYouXi HeJiYuLeGuanFangWang ZhenQianQiPai ZhenQianErBaGangYouXi JinShaQiPaiXiaZai AoMenPuJingDuChangGuanWang DongSenPingTaiYongHuDengLu WangShangZhaJinHua HuangJinChengYuLe HuangJinChengWangZhi HuangJinChengYuLe RenMinBiZhaJinHua BoCaiYuLeChang AoMenJinShaWangZhanDaQuan YingFengYuLe WangShangYuLe ZhenRenQiPaiYouXi DuiHuanZhenQianDeQiPaiYouXi XianJinNiuNiu ZhaJinHuaWangLuoYouXiPingTai AoMenYongLiYuLe HuangGuanXianJinDaiLi WangLuoZhaJinHua WuHuSiHaiQuanXunWang PuJingGuoJi YinHeYuLe ErShouChe