Sasha & Willow’s Birth Story

The twins are just over three weeks old – high time for this tired mama to finally write down some memories of their birth before amnesia by sleep-deprivation¬† sets in – if it hasn’t already!

If you had been following …

Polypectomy = Done. Demerol = Yum!

The polypectomy (or polyp removal for those of you who don’t speak medicalese) was really not so bad. In fact, the worst part was the waiting. They tell you to get to the hospital 1.5 hours before your scheduled surgery, …

Small Legs Big head :(

Sorry I didn’t post sooner, I had a very stressful day.

I woke up early full of excitement about my BPP U/S (biophysical profile Ultrasound) to get a sense of how big the baby is and make sure things look …

Preterm Labor Part II – 32 Weeks

First of all, thank you all sooooo much for voting on Oliver vs. Knut, I think I have decided to get both as many of you suggested!

Because this post will be very long and wordy, here is a …

Ultrasound Results – Cervix is Closed!

I got the best possible news, my cervical length is still 3.5, which means no change at all since my anatomy scan at 19 weeks! No funneling either, so bed rest is off the table, yay!

I had the sweetest …

Update on Preterm Contractions..

Thank you all so so much for your kind and encouraging words of support.

Saturday night I was still having contractions, but not as much yesterday day… until they got me hooked up for my monitoring at the hospital. The …

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