Jasper – King of the Potty!

And here he is, sitting on his throne in his big boy underwear – so proud of himself!!

“But wait!” you ask, “When did Jasper get potty trained?”

Beats the hell out of me! It happened pretty much in an …

Potty Mouth

Two nights ago Jasper was in his PJs downstairs right before bedtime.  I was just getting his milk and water ready to bring up to bed when he looked at me completely panic stricken and said “Mommy, I have to …

22 Months and the Best Father’s Day Weekend EVER!

Dear Jasper,

Saturday you turned 22 months!  It was also father’s day weekend and I think that we had the best weekend we’ve ever had together.. Saturday we went to your pop-pop’s family picnic in Pennsylvania, they have it every …

Poop. In the TUB!!!

I don’t know, maybe I had become overly complacent because we made it through babyhood without a poop incident in the tub, but this caught me totally by surprise.

Such was my confidence that not even Jasper’s declaration of “poop!” …

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