Adobe PS Touch now Available for iPad: And Why Pro Photographers NEED it!

Monday Adobe announced the availability of it’s  Photoshop Touch App for iPad!

Adobe’s marketing materials state: “The new Adobe® Photoshop® Touch app lets you quickly combine images, apply professional effects, share the results with friends and family through social networking

WPPI Recap!

The trip got off to a great start when I started reading the Hunger Games on my iPad – totally engrossing, I started and finished book I with more than an hour left in my flight and was cursing myself …

We have a heartbeat.. and a bonus surprise!

I got back from WPPI last night (will post all about WPPI later of course!) to the most wonderful welcome – a fire in the fireplace, most of the house unpacked (thanks to Jeff!) and tons of hugs and kisses …

We MOVED! (Sort of)

Well, the move is “finished,” quotation marks because a good deal of our stuff is still at the old house due to a NIGHTMARE experience with the moving company where we basically told them to leave after a few hours …

A Little Preschool Love Story on Valentine’s Day




For the longest time, Jasper held a flame for a girl in his preschool named Shelby. Nevermind that Shelby was two years older than him, or even that she CHANGED SCHOOLS.  8 months later he was still referring to her …

It’s a Singleton!

Only one in there..

Despite my sky high Beta levels, today’s ultrasound at 5 weeks showed just one little high HCG producing sac! I must admit, we are quite relieved.

Aside from the obvious challenges of having newborn twins and …

Nightmares and NightBears


No one in our house seems to be getting a good night’s sleep lately.

Last night Jasper let out a blood-curdling scream in the middle of the night which scared the bejezus out of Jeff and I. Then this morning …

SIMPLE Valentine’s Day Photoshoot Setup

First of all – I want to thank all of you who gave me advice on the daycare drop-off situation! It kind of went the same way today, but the more I think about it the more I realize …

Bad Daycare Dropoffs – HELP!

There is really no worse way to start your day than taking your child to daycare and them having to be pried off you crying hysterically.  Well, OK, there is a worse way when you have to deal with your …

Luckiest Week EVER

Go Big Blue!

There is nothing quite as superstitious (or just plain stupid) as pinning your hopes and dreams for having another baby on whether your home team wins the superbowl, but nevertheless that’s what we found ourselves doing.

I …

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