Breastfeeding on the Brain

Just last week I received two separate emails from pregnant readers asking about breastfeeding.  And since it is the last day of August which is “breastfeeding awareness month” I figured it’s a good time to do a breastfeeding post!

Fiona …

Using Your Camera’s Histogram Display

Here’s a little video I put together showing you how to use your DSLR’s display option to toggle to the histogram view. Histograms (with the exception of a few extreme lighting situations) are an excellent tool you can use to …

Advice from a Supermom!

No, not from me, from Audrey,  the woman behind KaBoogie (I swear, I’m not on her payroll!)

When she sent me the link the guest post she wrote on 4BabyAndMom I couldn’t NOT share it with you.  I count myself …

KaBoogie! Leather Baby Shoes Giveaway


I don’t even remember how or from where I stumbled across the KaBoogie etsy shop but when I saw her listing for handmade grey suede  baby shoes with little skull appliques  I was SOLD (pun intended!)

Unfortunately for me, she …

Take a Look on the Bright Side..

No really, literally look at the bright side project today.. it’s featuring a giveaway from Charmed & Dangerous (my little site with my mom) today!


Know what else is cool? The prop room of Brother’s and Sister’s just ordered …

Good to Know : Grass Fed Beef & Dairy


Let’s face it, Beef and to some extent dairy have a bit of a PR problem.. Saturated fat: check! Hormones and antibiotics: check!  But most of us know enough by now to buy hormone free and organic beef & dairy …

Jasper Recommends : Pat the Bunny, Cat & Puppy


My grandmother’s friend Pat (funny huh?) gave us Pat the Bunny at my baby shower.  I was excited because I can remember it being one of MY favorites when I was a child, but also I remember thinking it would …

Perfect Birthday Party Cake Recipe

Sorry to post so late in the day.. it’s been a little hectic. My fever broke last night but I’ve been having terrible headaches from the antibiotics.  I also took Jasper to his ENT this morning and got some great …

Happy First Birthday Jasper!

Dearest Jasper,

I don’t know how I’ll finish writing this message through the tears in my eyes thinking about how much joy you’ve brought to everyone around you in such a short time. It’s only been one year and yet …

Jasper’s First Birthday Party – Finally!

Here it is, made it as a video because there were some things that I had pictures but not video of and vice versa:

403 Forbidden

403 Forbidden