Nightmares and NightBears


No one in our house seems to be getting a good night’s sleep lately.

Last night Jasper let out a blood-curdling scream in the middle of the night which scared the bejezus out of Jeff and I. Then this morning …

All Hail the King (Tempurpedic!)

It was an eventful weekend at casa Falerni.. Saturday I had a newborn shoot which took up the majority of my day. When I got home late in the afternoon we headed right over to Sleepy’s.  Having been there a …

Revenge of the Night Owl

Just a quick update to yesterday’s discussion.. I did NOT tell daycare to keep him from napping and so he napped for a little over 1 hour yesterday and was up until 10:30pm!!!!!!!!!! As frustrated as I was with him, …

Announcing the Winner of the Bedtime Wars: Hint, it’s Not Us.

There has been a battle going on for months – I can’t even truly recall when it began- with Jasper refusing to go to sleep in his own bed.   We put up a good fight for a while, but when …


I’m so stressed right now trying to get the Elements version of my Wall Display Templates finished before a big giveaway on IheartFaces next week that I don’t have time for the tutorial I had planned :(

Selfishly, I want …

Coming Out of His Shell..

shy guy

For those of you that have been reading for a while, you may remember that Jasper has a bit of a shy streak.. ok, a BIG shy streak. Or maybe it’s more of an independent “I don’t do what I’m …

Big Boy Bed and Other Sleep Issues

About 2 months or so ago, Jasper went from lying down in his crib and saying “Byeeeeee Mommy” as I left his room at night to SCREAMING everytime I left when putting him down for a nap or bedtime.  He …

Daylight Savings = Mommy’s Savior??

When Daylight Savings ended last November I cursed the person who thought it was a good idea to CHANGE TIME.  Obviously this person was not a parent of a toddler.

Before that fateful day in November, Jasper had no problem …

Mommy SOS : Rooster Babies, Hope or Cope?

Today’s mommy SOS comes from JBhat’s friend Shannon:

A. has decided that she is getting up at 5.  That means leaving the room, running around trying to find me – which most days I am in bed – or up

Making Bedtime More Cozy

Katie asked about the velour crib sheet I mentioned in passing in the Toddler’s and Blankets SOS. I’ve been meaning to post about it for a while, so thanks Katie for the nudge!

Jasper used to always cry when …

403 Forbidden

403 Forbidden