Creative Labs Vado HD 720p Pocket Video Camcorder Review


As promised, here is my brief review of the new HD pocket camcorder I ordered a few weeks ago when Amazon had it as the gold box deal for just $130 (the current price fluctuates daily, but as of this …

Child of the Future

Shot with my Tamron AF 28-75mm f/2.8 Lens lens and canon 430 ex II speedlite at these settings:
SS 1/6oth
ISO 200

SO this is a real email I received over the weekend:

Subject: child of the future


The Lightroom Preset from Heaven

Some months back I stumbled upon a free Lightroom preset pack from the Presets Heaven blog called PH the Weddings. There is one preset in that package called “PH fantasy wedding” that the author created for images of brides …

Mommy Necklaces 40% Off!

wearing my mommy necklace

wearing my mommy necklace

Kimberly alerted me to the fact that if you become a facebook fan of Mommy Necklaces, you can order anything you want from the store at 40%  off through midnight tonight!

You may remember from …

Nowali Moccasin Giveaway!


Jasper lounging in his Nowali Moccasins.

When I was offered the opportunity to review this product from Nowali I didn’t hesitate. Why? Because judging by the responses to my sock post a few months ago,  footwear is a hot topic …

Kisses from Jasper

A few weeks ago Jasper started making these little kissy sounds. It’s so unbearably cute I have to grit my teeth whenever he does it. Normally he’ll kiss a few times in a row, but last night he wasn’t feeling …

Father’s Day in Pictures

The pictures are much better than the reality.  I can’t really get into it, but let’s just say that I shouldn’t be surprised after my horrible mother’s day that father’s day would be similarly crappy, particularly given the state of …

And the Weleda Product Giveaway Winner is…

Commenter #18, Sayde!

Congratulations, you will be receiving the Weleda Baby Starter Kit so you’ll be all prepared when your little one arrives.

Even if you didn’t win, remember that Weleda has printable coupons for their baby shampoo & body …

Happy 10 Months Jasper!


Dear Jasper,

This month has been so exciting and yet so sad. Exciting because you are learning so much every day sometimes I feel like I can actually see the wheels turning in your little head! This month you sped …

Postpartum Fashion, Bigger = Better!

Someone mentioned back in my Mother’s Day post that they wanted to see more fashion tips. I was both flattered and flabbergasted because I am hardly a fashionista – far from it – most weekend days I’m lounging around in …

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