Talking and Kissing Caught on Video

When I go to visit Jasper at daycare he always does the cutest things like kisses his girlfriend Frida. Normally I leave my iphone in the car (otherwise Jasper wants to play with it) but yesterday I was determined to …

Abigail’s Studio Portraits

I was lucky enough to get Abigail as a subject again this past weekend.. this time in the “studio” (which also doubles as Jasper’s playroom, and was once long ago a dining room!)

I made the big mistake of leaving …

Jasper’s New Pumas

Deal Alert!


I was ready to splurge on these puppies at full price ($34.99) but then asked the sales associate at BRU if I could return them if they don’t have a box. She went to the customer service people …

Monitor Calibration and Color Management

At some point during your journey to become a better photographer you will stumble (or crash!) into the issue of color management and monitor calibration. This topic PLAGUED me for months – I almost gave up all together because it …

Happy Fifteen Months Jasper!

Dear Jasper,

At fifteen months you are simply (mostly) delightful. You are so playful, curious and SMART! Nothing gets by you, you understand almost everything being said and new words fly out of your mouth daily.

You are still incredibly …

Take Two: My Second Family Photo Shoot!

Bring on the three year olds! Remember this gorgeous little boy from my photos of Gabby & Alaina’s birthday?

So then you’ll understand why even though I was sick as a dog I didn’t want to cancel the photoshoot I …

Bye Bye Auntie Roxy

Auntie Roxy

Auntie Roxy

My sister Roxanne leaves today, and no one will be sadder than Jasper to see her go. I am now thoroughly convinced that there is something imprinted in our DNA that recognizes the scent, the aura, the feeling …

Jasper’s School Pictures

in all of their glorious cheesiness!



You can see the redness in his eyes and even the remnants of tears – apparently Jasper doesn’t like having his picture taken by OTHER people either!

Doesn’t he look like such a big …

Wordless Wednesday: Teethbrush!

Fake Floors and Walls – My New Studio Set Up!

With winter just around the corner and the end of “outdoor shooting” for many of us that live in temperate climates I thought it would be a good idea to discuss indoor photo set ups…

Do you ever wonder how …

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