Happy Hanukkah

Happy Hannukah

So much to blog about and too little time..SOOO much. I’m hoping to get there this week, but the days fly by so fast.

But before Hanukkah becomes a distant memory I did want to post this image I took …

13 Things I Can’t Live Without

In honor of my friend Hilary whose due date is today, I thought I would finally take a moment to list a few of the things that I could not have survived these first few months without!

1) Fisher Price

Mr. Pouty Pants

He’s a champion pouter – as if you couldn’t tell by this picture.  I mean LOOK at that puss!  I took this, Monday’s image of Jeff and this one of Jasper with my 85 1.8:

(again with a puss??)…

Playing with a 14mm

Hello again, sorry for the scarcity of new posts. So much is going on right now that it might actually be impossible to catch up. Big things.. things like we bought a new house!!!!! Well we are under contract anyway, …

Rear Facing Until Two: New AAP Recommendation.

Finally, the AAP came around to what most of us moms already knew (you DID see that horrifying video right?) about rear facing car seats..if that video isn’t enough to make you keep your child rear facing as …

Bye Bye Curls and Some Thoughts on the 24-70

Saturday we decided it was time for Jasper’s second haircut so that he wouldn’t look like a street urchin at his second birthday party! That morning, I decided to take some snapshots of him playing so that I could remember …

Two Major Crib Recalls

I’m working on a video tutorial on channels that I hope to post this afternoon, but in the meantime I wanted to spread the word about two major crib recalls that were announced yesterday. The first is for all simplicity

10 Must Have Baby Items for New Moms

One of my friends from high school facebooked me recently to let me know she is pregnant (congrats Orly!) and asked me for advice about what I considered must haves for new moms. I have been considering compiling this list …

Night Terrors and Baby Jail

Jasper Gives you a tour of his new baby jail:

After reading your recommendations on play yards and doing some research, I decided I wanted to get the L’il Playzone, mostly because it doesn’t look like a dog kennel.  …

The Big Boy Carseat

Jasper still technically had 2.5″ to go before growing out of the height limit of his Graco Snugride Lotus carseat, but because he is long in the torso the crotch snap was uncomfortably tight. I found myself wincing every time …

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