Nursery Ideas

Thank you all SO much for your feedback on the bed choice for Jasper’s room! I decided to go with the tide of popular opinion and get the full size bed in Navy, which thankfully is being discontinued and …

Jasper’s Big Boy Room – Some Progress

Everyone who has come to our new house has remarked on how “set up” it is already, like we’ve been living here for ages.  “That’s because you haven’t seen the upstairs yet!” I tell them. For example, until about 2 …

Have you seen my motivation?

So I’m in my second trimester, you know, the one where you are supposed to get this sudden burst of energy and feel all glowy and fabulous. Um, not me. YES I don’t feel as insanely tired (and nauseous) as …

Choosing a New Couch for our soon-to-be Family of 5!

I’m totally kicking myself for not taking a “before” picture, but here is our living room after we finally purchased a couch and loveseat – Ektorp in Svanby from Ikea:

This is the third “major” purchase for our home, the …

Picture of the “Big Boy Bed”

Or the “cowboy” bed as we like to call it.. Mrs. Brown asked what it looked like so I took a snapshot of Jasper brushing his teeth.   He really likes to cuddle and lay on it, just not SLEEP on …

Monkey Birthday Party Planning Progress!

Or lack thereof!

With the countdown to the big day just 10 days and counting (ahhhhhhh!) I’m definitely feeling the pressure.

balloonHere are the things that I’ve accomplished so far:

  1. Ordered the mod monkey plates, napkins, party hats

Nursery Tour

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The nursery is finally …

Oliver or Knut?

As much as I love the John Golden prints, I decided to go with the Creative Thursday ones.

Partly because I already have one, this adorable owl print that until now hasn’t had a proper home:

I had feared that …

Nursery Wall Art

I think I made a decision about the wall behind the changing table!

I posted before about etsy artist John Golden and his “By order of the management” posters, but he has an adorable “woodland critters” series of prints that …

Decorate Your Nursery Walls

By order of the Management!

Etsy artist John W. Golden created these By order of the management posters because he got tired of saying the same things over and over again to his kids.. pretty smart right?

Some like the …

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