We have a heartbeat.. and a bonus surprise!

I got back from WPPI last night (will post all about WPPI later of course!) to the most wonderful welcome – a fire in the fireplace, most of the house unpacked (thanks to Jeff!) and tons of hugs and kisses from my little guy who I missed TERRIBLY.

This morning it was back to reality and a visit to my RE’s office for an ultrasound and bloodwork.  I knew the second the image came up that there was more than one.

WHAT? Yep, two sacs.

Dr. K looked a little surprised, stopped for second to look at my chart again and then back at the screen. Baby A was measuring perfectly, one day ahead actually at 6 weeks 5 days and we immediately spotted and then heard the heard the heartbeat -it was a little loud at first for Jasper’s taste (he covered his ears!) but when I told him what it was he thought it was pretty cool.

Baby B is more than an empty sac, there is a yolk sac (not sure about a fetal pole) but there was no heartbeat.  I’m not sure what the odds are at this point that Baby B will be viable, but I DO know that at 6 weeks 5 days a heartbeat should be at the very least visible if not audible, so my guess is that it’s more of a longshot than anything.  It didn’t look SO much smaller than Baby A, but I’m certain that it did implant later or we would have most likely seen it at the first scan so I guess there is a small chance it could pull through – of course we have to wait another long nail-biting week to know for sure!

I do know that my HCG levels are pretty sky high, 52,775 at the equivalent of 32 dpo (29days post 3 day transfer) and I’ve been experiencing much worse morning sickness than I did with Jasper.

The nurse who called me with the HCG levels told me I could decrease my progesterone level to half what I’ve been injecting. Half the dosage, not half the shots unfortunately.  She also told me I need to start thinking about what OB I’ll be using so they can transfer my records as I’ll likely get discharged next week from the clinic!

Of course I’m totally unprepared for that, I haven’t really thought about weather I want to stay with Phelps the hospital where Jasper was born. It doesn’t have a NICU and I wasn’t happy at ALL with the postpartum and pediatric care I received there even though the labor & delivery team is amazing.   If it’s twins of course I’ll be looking for a hospital with a high level NICU and that will change my pool of possible OBs or midwives completely.

So much to think about.. on so many levels.

Have a great weekend everyone, can’t wait to fill you in on my week in Vegas and WPPI, but that will have to wait until next week!

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jbhat says:

So exciting/interesting! Keep us posted on A’s and B’s progress. I am thinking of you.


Oh, wow…I love your line, “if it’s twins…” squee!!! Either way, I’m thrilled you have a strong heartbeat for Baby A and a glimmer of hope for Baby B!

Your body is just one surprise after another :) I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you!

If you’re looking for someone, I highly recommend Dr. Paul Dicker; he delivers out of Valley Hospital and is phenomenal! I was high risk and he monitored me very closely and worked with my MFM – I cannot say enough good things about him, and he has a midwife in his office, too if you want to go that route.

Nanette says:

Yay for heartbeat, and what a fun surprise!

I knew it! Glad that baby A is nice and healthy and hoping that baby B keeps surprising you in the best ways.

Amy says:

So I know it’s not a for sure thing…but I’m still on the books for twins! hehehehehehe

Joanna says:

Yay congrats on the heartbeat! Keep us posted!! Wow you must have so much going on in your mind. Try not to stress too much (easier said)!

Mama Smith says:

Either way what an exciting blessing- hearing the heartbeat makes it so real! I’m so excited for you and still can’t quite wrap my head around how great that house is.

pam says:

oh my goodness! well, i’ll just say in my years of multiples-hood, i’ve seen these situations turn into twins quite often. (but of course not always.) ya never know! :)

Jen says:

That is a surprise! Hope things continue to look good for you.

Nina says:

Ariana, what a surprise! I love that you are being so open and sharing with us. Keeping you in my thoughts as always!

Oh wow! it was so great to finally meet you in Vegas! Keeping you in my thoughts. xo