His favorite food is Spinach. Yes, you read that right, Spinach!

A while back Jasper had some uh, “issues” whereby he wouldn’t poop for DAYS and then when he finally did it was so big and hard that on several occasions (and I apologize for the bad visual but) it WOULD …

Fishsticks = Dangerous?

The other day I made Jasper a few Dr. Praegers fishsticks which he ate maybe two bites of  (he’s teething hard core right now and his interest in food is at about zero.)  As usual, I ended up eating the …

Daycare Food Revolution

I admit that I felt a certain amount of self-congratulatory smugness while watching the highly entertaining and eye-opening “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” this spring.

French fries and hamburgers for every meal? Pizza for Breakfast? How could these people …

The Good News and the Bad

The good news, actually GREAT news is that ever since I wrote about Jasper waking up in the middle of the night crying for food, his eating habits have taken a dramatic turn for the better. My little picky eater …

Ask The Expert : Picky Eaters – Perfectly Normal or Pathological?

Kathleen 2I am so thrilled to have Dr. Cuneo for my first “Ask the Expert” post writing about a subject near and dear to my heart. Most of you know that Jasper is an extremely picky eater, but you may not

Christmas Miracles..

For those of you who didn’t see it already on facebook, here are two Christmas miracles that happened at daycare yesterday. If Jasper’s daycare teacher Chastity caught these moments on her iPhone or I never would have believed that they …


Is there anything more magical than a baby’s expression when they are playing with bubbles?

Jasper is slightly obsessed with bubbles since starting Gymboree.  Now, we walks by the counter where I keep them and points up and says “bubble” …

And the Pediatrician Says..


In the complete OPPOSITE scenario to when you take your car to the mechanic and it operates perfectly, Jasper picked yesterday – the day we visit the pediatrician – to get his first ever stomach bug.  Poor little guy must …

Reflux Revisted

Goldfish -  one of the 5 things I currently eat!

Goldfish - one of the 5 things I currently eat!

Sometimes, mommy intuition knocks so hard on the brick wall I call a brain and STILL I manage to overlook the obvious.

My mother was talking with an old childhood …

Mommy SOS: Toddler that Won’t Eat!

I may look innocent..

Don't let the cuteness fool you..

I Have the Perfect Baby — at Daycare.

Jasper is at daycare M-W,  I work from home one day and he goes to my mom’s the other day and obviously is at home over …

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