Happy Father’s Day!

A day late, but I couldn’t not wish Jeff, my dad and all the wonderful Dads I know a happy Father’s Day!

We had a wonderful day, FINALLY getting to go for the first swim in our pool which has …

Happy Mother’s Day!

I hope you all had a fantastic mother’s day. I’m happy to report that my guys went to great lengths to ensure that I had a wonderful day.

The festivities started off Friday afternoon at the Mother’s Day tea at …

Happy Valentine’s Day!

From the cards we made for Jasper’s preschool classmates:

This was a fun little shoot. As usual I had no time to prepare, luckily I had those stick props from past birthday party photobooths! We also took some cute shots …

Happy Hanukkah

Happy Hannukah

So much to blog about and too little time..SOOO much. I’m hoping to get there this week, but the days fly by so fast.

But before Hanukkah becomes a distant memory I did want to post this image I took …

The Halloween that Wasn’t


Most of you know that we were in the hurricane Sandy effected area (11 days with no power!!!!), so trick or treating was officially cancelled in our town due to the danger of downed wires and lack of streetlights in …

Passover-ster (or is it Eastover?)

Friday night we had a very nice, short and sweet ceder at my mom’s house. Just the three of us, my parents, my Aunt who was visiting from Scotland and my Grandmother.

Unfortunately I left my “real” camera at home, …

A Little Preschool Love Story on Valentine’s Day




For the longest time, Jasper held a flame for a girl in his preschool named Shelby. Nevermind that Shelby was two years older than him, or even that she CHANGED SCHOOLS.  8 months later he was still referring to her …

The Christmas Wrap-up

Well, the wrapping paper has been ripped off, the piles of new toys crammed into every corner and the steady stream of Chrismukkah gifts has finally ended!

It was pretty dark out still when we went downstairs to the tree …

Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

So, clearly I didn’t have it together enough this year to create a holiday gift list in time for you to get anything shipped to you (unless you are an Amazon prime member!) and almost thought I should skip this …

Jumping on the Elf on the Shelf Bandwagon

Our elf on the shelf "Sparkle"

Meet “Sparkle” our new Elf on the Shelf (I was quite proud when Jasper came up with that name all by himself!)

I held out as long as I could against the tide of Elf on the Shelf status updates …

403 Forbidden

403 Forbidden