Two bits of very good news!

I got the blood test portion of our NT screening back today and they were excellent!

Prior to testing, my risk for having a baby with Down’s was 1/307. After the scan, its is only now 1/6000.

For Trisomy 13 …

From Blobby to Baby!

NT scan

The NT scan was absolutely amazing.. completely surreal that there is a little baby growing inside me. And unlike my last two ultrasounds where it was just a blob with a heartbeat, becoming-baby actually looks like a mini baby – …

Nymbler, a Fun Baby Naming Website!

I just discovered this fun little website that is based on the book The Baby Name Wizard which I recommend highly.

Nymbler asks you to enter up to six names you like, and then it will generate a list of …

Blood Tests and More Blood Tests..

This weekend I had an appointment with my local quest labs to get the “Ashkenazi Jewish” panel of genetic screening done. The fact that I am a full blooded Jew and that Jeff is 1/4 Jew necessitates all the extra …

First O/B Appointment

At 10 weeks and 3 days I met with the OB for the first time.  I hadn’t been to this practice before, I picked them from the list that delivers at the better of the two local hospitals and then …

Tyra Banks Show, Insensitive to Infertility

Someone on the message boards posted a link to this today. The Tyra Banks show is looking for people to appear in a show they are calling “Mom Wannabes.”

Here is a description of what they are looking for:…

Babies Need a lot of Stuff!

Tracy holding Baby Daphne

My dear and very pregnant friend Tracy just sent me this list of stuff to get for new baby. It was originally sent to her by one of her clients (she is a personal shopper at …

I am One Fat Mamma

Belly pic 9 weeks

Belly Pic, 9 weeks pregnant

So I thought I had gotten off pretty easy being that I haven’t really had much morning sickness to speak of. Or so I thought.

What I have been experiencing is constant hunger, the kind …

Welcome to the World Daphne Lillian!

Click on the image above to see a little video of Jeff holding baby Daphne and here for another one!

New Years Eve was a huge celebration… not only because it was our first knowing that this time next year …

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