A Journey into the Mind of a Toddler

Because why SHOULDN’T a rocking horse start with keys?

Notice the part where he comes running towards me saying “baby, baby” once he realizes I’m videoing him?

He’s gotten to the point that anytime I take out my camera or …

Eye Contact Tricks and Messageboards

I came across this excellent article on MCP’s blog on how to connect with children and  it’s just too good not to share.  I think there’s something in there for everyone, whether you have a point and shoot or are …

First Snow Storm

What I love about this age is that everything is like a first – even if technically our toddlers were around for them last year, this year is the first where we as parents get to watch them experience everything …

Christmas Card Design

I figured since I complained so much about my Christmas card photoshoot attempts, it’s only fair to post the final results!  So from this photoshoot with the rocker and this first shoot with the Mark II I came up with …

Making Bedtime More Cozy

Katie asked about the velour crib sheet I mentioned in passing in the Toddler’s and Blankets SOS. I’ve been meaning to post about it for a while, so thanks Katie for the nudge!

Jasper used to always cry when …

A Weekend of Firsts..

But not Jasper’s first weekend away :(

He woke up from his nap Friday afternoon with a fever – no other symptoms at all. It came and went mostly spiking in the evening until yesterday he was fever free so …

Daddy SOS: Blankets for Toddlers?

Courtesy of Shane, our very first Daddy S.O.S!

It’s been one I’ve been wondering about for a while now too, so most likely you all have to at one point or another..

In Shane’s words:

I’ve been meaning to send

First Shots from the Mark II

It was killing me that I didn’t have any daylight hours to do a proper shoot in, but it WAS a great excuse to test out the mark II’s high ISO handling..

Here were my first shots, taken at 1.4 …

Christmas Miracles..

For those of you who didn’t see it already on facebook, here are two Christmas miracles that happened at daycare yesterday. If Jasper’s daycare teacher Chastity caught these moments on her iPhone or I never would have believed that they …

Mommy SOS: Winter Boots?

We made the mistake of taking Jasper to the mall on Sunday.. while millions of other babies sit or sleep contently  in their strollers, Jasper is writhing, trying to climb out and screaming to be picked up, or worse, wants …

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