Mommy SOS: Toddlers and Sleep (or lack thereof)

Hi – yes, I’m back from ImagingUSA.. though you wouldn’t know it by the silence around here lately! That’s partly because I have so much I want to share about Imaging but I haven’t had time to organize my thoughts …

Mommy SOS: Tips for Road Trips with Toddler

Other than “don’t do it!” :)

So those of you who have been reading for a while know that Jasper has never been a fan of car rides..and that’s a huge understatement. For the first, oh, 8 months of his …

Mommy SOS : Hitting

I'm so cute I think I can get away with anything..

This is a disturbing new development.. whenever I tell Jasper “No” or not to do something, or pretty much anything he doesn’t like he hits me. It’s almost instinctual, …

Mommy SOS: When to Treat Ear Infections

If you look really close you can see my eye boogies!

I consider myself extremely lucky to have found a pediatrician who’s philosophies are so in synch with my own.. delayed vax? No problem.. stomach virus? Take probiotics.  Ear infection? …

Mommy SOS: The Hunt for Spring Clothes

Spring decided to come uncommonly early to the northeast this year – last week we enjoyed a string of sunny days with highs in the mid 60’s-70’s!  While spring’s early arrival is very welcome, it caught me a bit off …

Mommy SOS: Taking the Fun Out of “No!”

Jasper demonstrating bad behavior!

We’ve spoken about discipline before, but Jasper was a bit younger and less able to understand consequences.  Redirection is fine, but what if he repeats the behavior over and over again?

Every morning when I go …

Mommy SOS: Toddler Vitamins

Thank you to everyone who shared their eczema experiences yesterday- if nothing else, I know we are in good company!

Now I am asking for your help yet again in my search for a good toddler vitamin.

I used to …

Mommy SOS : Rooster Babies, Hope or Cope?

Cockadoodle doo!

Cockadoodle doo!

Today’s mommy SOS comes from JBhat’s friend Shannon:

A. has decided that she is getting up at 5.  That means leaving the room, running around trying to find me – which most days I am in bed –

Mommy SOS: 18 Month Growth Spurt?

strap me in and feed me mommy!

strap me in and feed me mommy!

Two nights ago Jasper woke up at 3:30am demanding milk.. and then proceeded to wake up every 30-60 minutes after that, either crying for milk or needing to be rocked back to sleep. …

Mommy SOS: Operation Pacifier Elimination

Today’s Mommy SOS comes from Maria of this infamous Ariana airhead moment..

I’d love to hear other real Mom experiences and recommendations with eliminating the use of a pacifier. Jonah uses his at nap and bed time and occasionally

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