Nursery Tour

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The nursery is finally finished! Here is a little gallery of images, I couldn’t get the captions working so here is a list of where everything came from. If I missed anything you have a question about, just post a comment and I’ll answer to the best of my ability.


Crib: Baby Mod Park Lane from Walmart
Crib Bedding: Orchard Park from Walmart
Monkey Mural: DIY
Safari Mobile above Crib: DIY
Glider: Bought at a consignment sale, but its a dutalier sleigh back
Dresser: Ikea Hemnes 8 drawer Dresser
Drawer Organizers: Ikea Kompliment
Basket with Diapers Etc: Wendy Belissimo from BRU
Mobile above changing table: A shower gift
Art Above the Changing Table: Creative Thursday
Frames for Art: Ikea Ribba in Natural
Rug: Target Dwell Studio Zebra Rug
Nightstand: Ikea Hemnes
Lamp: MiGi Splash Lamp: Available at BRU
Shades: Savannah Roman Shades from JC Penney in Soft Lime

Toys on Shelf: I Love My Planet Toys
Wall Color: Benjamin Moore “crystal blue.”

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Beth says:

Cute nursery!! We have the same Dwell Studio rug. My lil guy’s nursery is my favorite room in the house. I can’t wait to have the opportunity to design another one. Guess we know what that means, huh? Great blog;)

Violet says:

Hi, i’m from Italy and your nursery is the best i ever seen!
Where did you buy the tree with the monkey?
There is a link of a online store?
thank you!

Dilly says:

Your blog is so lovely, as is the nursery! I also bought the Hemnes drawers for my nursery – did you have any trouble with the changing pad sliding around? Just curious if I should get a changing table topper or secure it with double-sided velcro.

ariana says:

Thanks Dilly! No, no problem at all, the underside of the changing pad has grippy stuff on it. Is that a word? If not, I just made it up :)

valerie says:

i love the nursery especially the bedding. i’ve been looking for it everywhere…any chance you are finished with it? i have the dwell “motif” bedding for my 18 month old that’s very similar right now but we are expecting again at the end of may and i’m just going to keep it the same for this next child unless i can get my hands on this – i’m fixated on it – love it!!!! name your price!

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