State of the Uterus 38.5 weeks

I never posted about my 38 week appointment on Monday. Probably because it was totally uneventful..

Midwife Judy (who was the one who took care of me during my first preterm labor episode) didn’t offer me an internal and I …

Nursery Tour

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The nursery is finally …

Jeff Gets a Shower!

Wednesday Jeff called me from work. Turns out his co-workers threw him a surprise baby shower!!

So incredibly sweet and unexpected. He said he was totally embarrassed and was sweating the whole time while opening gifts. We got some really …

Belly Pic, 37 Weeks 3 Days

It’s been a very long time since I posted a belly shot. Mostly because I can barely stand to look at myself these days, why would anyone else want to??

But in honor of the much anticipated arrival of my

Happy Full Term to Me!

Sunday marked an important milestone, little Jasper turned 37 weeks old and is now full term – yay!!! He’s welcome, indeed strongly ENCOURAGED to make his appearance anytime now, preferably sooner rather than later as mommy is getting very uncomfortable.…

Fashionable Baby Wraps

I have read so many ecstatic reviews by new moms on the nest about their moby baby carriers that I figured I’d better get one too!

Of course a plain solid color one won’t do, so I’m going to place …

Baby Crack Machine?

I have seen new moms on the refer to these sound machines as crack for babies.

If you’ve seen the Happiest Baby on the Block DVD (and if you haven’t, you need to!) Dr. Sears describes why babies are …

A New High

On the scale that is!

159 today. UGH. That’s up from 153 at my last appointment just over two weeks ago. How can you gain 3lbs a week? At this point baby is growing about .5 lbs a week, so …

First Breast Feeding Class Tonight

But first, some pictures!

The rug arrived from Target last night and I love it:

More pictures here on

So last weekend we went to our first childbirth preparation class.

I was worried it would be weird because it’s …

The Ultimate Hospital Bag List

This past weekend, we got a ton of baby stuff done, including almost finishing the nursery, buying everything left on our registry and setting up a few things like the baby swing. I also packed my awesome diaper bag:

So …

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