Photographer’s Wall Display Templates

Sorry for the radio silence last week.. I’ve been hard at work on my first product for photographers and I’m so excited to announce it to you all!

It’s called the Photographer’s Wall Display Guide and it’s a photoshop template system that uses clipping masks and images of real room interiors to help you create amazing examples of wall displays for your clients:

Photographer's Wall Display Templates

I was inspired to create this guide when my friend Sara commissioned me to take images of her daughter for her retail store. She wanted to order several images for the store walls, but had no idea how many or what size so she asked me for help.

And you know what? I had no idea either until I sat down and cropped and arranged the photos and saw with my own eyes exactly what photos worked together in what grouping and at what size.  Which got me to thinking..

If WE as photographer’s don’t know without seeing it, how can we possibly expect our clients to have the imagination to see the possibilities on THIER walls?

How can they know unless we SHOW them that an 8×10 over their fireplace mantle will be practically invisible:

but that a 30×40 will look this fabulous?:

or that this three piece grouping would look amazing over their couch?

or in their hallway?

There are several other wall display guides on the market, but there are none (that I know of) that use real room interiors – most are ambiguous sketches that leave me scratching my head.. I think maybe I lack the imagination that those illustrations require and I  bet your clients do too!

There are some guides that are incredibly pricey and others are just flattened jpgs so don’t offer the ease of use of these templates which use clipping masks to make placing and resizing your images a snap.  And, even better I’ve made these incredibly affordable..

There are so many possible uses for these templates, here are just a few:

  • Create a visually stunning framed or canvas grouping to add to the end of your client galleries to encourage large size print sales
  • Create a page on your website about canvas displays using your own images as an example for your clients
  • Create a page on your website or blog showing the difference in impact between an 8×10 and a 30×40 in a REAL ROOM!
  • Use to prepare for or during in person client ordering sessions to nail down the perfect scale and arrangement of an image grouping or even a single image
  • Show the difference in terms of ratio and cropping that an 8×10 vs an 11×14 has on the same image.

Read about more of the product features or watch a behind the scenes tour of the templates here!

If you don’t know how to use clipping masks, don’t worry because in true Becoming-mom style I have created a video tutorial to explain it all. Even if you are not a professional photographer and have no interest in these templates, you will definitely get something out of learning how to use clipping masks :)

I have priced these at $50 each for the couch, the chair or the fireplace template, but for a limited time am offering an introductory price of $40 each or $85 for all three.

Even better, I’m offering becoming-mom readers 15% off! Use code “jasper” (without the quotation marks!) at checkout.

Also, please consider “liking” the  Photographer’s Wall Display Guide facebook page for news of more discounts, giveaways and new releases.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the product in the comments, I’m really excited about it, perhaps so excited that I haven’t explained it well at all :)

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!!

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Wall Display Templates for Photographers

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Cassandra says:

You are soooo amazing! Thank you thank you thank you…..I want to purchase these VERY soon!! I’m putting it on my Lovey please buy this for me, list..haahahha

Stephanie says:

This is how I chose photography for my girls’s playroom (images and sizes.) You can also use this trick to see how lighting, rugs, pillows and other items will look in your home. So much better than guessing! :)

ariana says:

Marybeth, I’m a bit rusty on the home design front, but I’d be happy to try! :)

Katie, I will definitely post pictures of the retail store if I get any. It is amazing how impressive large prints can be.. I wish I had more wall space in my own house!

Katie says:

wow ariana, your images are stunning on the screen and even MORE stunning on the wall!! I especially love the last 3 grouping.

Do we get to see how the retail space worked out?

what a great program to let you visualize the prints in an actual room :)


If you ever stay with me, I’ll have to hire you to redecorate my house, too :)

ariana says:

Thanks Janine! I think I am the opposite of a visionary, I have to see EVERYTHING. I drove jeff NUTS with photoshop mockups of everything when we were renovating becoming-home LOL!

Janineb says:

great idea! I really want to do a wall display on our stair landing. But its so hard to figure out how to commit to which photos. it is cornered and has a chair railing running 1/2 way through it. its very hard to visualize. I hope the new product does well!

ariana says:

Thanks Marybeth, don’t rule it out! One of my dreams is that someday I’ll tour the country to visit my longtime blog readers and take pictures of their families in exchange for a place to stay :)

Also, one of my best friends from growing up lives in Minneapolis, so it’s not out of the question that I would go visit!

If I ever happen to travel to your area with my family I’m going to hunt you down and make you take photos of us! If you’re ever in Minnesota (I’m guessing chances of that are slim to none, right?) I want first dibs on a photo shoot with you!