Reflux and Dairy Allergy Cured!

I can’t believe I am posting this.. there were so many dark hours in which I thought we’d NEVER get here, but I think I can officially say that Jasper’s GI system has made a miraculous turn around.

So I …

I am a Proud Mamma and Some NAET Updates

I don’t know if the NAET treatments are finally working or Jasper has just grown out of some of his “issues” but he has been such a good boy lately that you must allow me to brag!

This past Sunday …

Gluten Free, Dairy Free Coconut Cardamom Pumpkin Pie

Over christmas I was feeling a little bit sorry for myself that I couldn’t have a slice of my mother’s famously delicious pumpkin or apple pie due to Jasper’s dairy & gluten sensitivities.

One of the only ways I’m keeping …

NAET Treatments and Progress

I promised in this post to write about what the NAET treatment protocol is like, so it’s back to discussing GI Jasper for a bit..though stay tuned because I’m going to post a Charmed & Dangerous giveaway this afternoon!

Adults …

A Journey into NAET

As I posted here, I wasn’t convinced Jasper’s rash was food related. I wanted to blame it on the prevacid. Or the mother’s milk tea. I really wanted to be able to eat food and not stress that it …

TED is Dead.

Time for a little game of catch up!

The day after thanksgiving (oh the irony!!) after 2.5 weeks I gave up on TED, the Dr. Sears recommended Total Elimination Diet.

One reason was that I just wasn’t seeing the kind …

403 Forbidden

403 Forbidden