Good to Know : Grass Fed Beef & Dairy


Let’s face it, Beef and to some extent dairy have a bit of a PR problem.. Saturated fat: check! Hormones and antibiotics: check!  But most of us know enough by now to buy hormone free and organic beef & dairy …

Jasper’s Playhouse Courtesy of Craigslist

At Jasper’s daycare they have a large playhouse in their outdoor area and Jasper LOVES it.  It’s got a front door that he can open and close to his door obsessed little heart’s content, shutters to peek through and even …

Good to Know: The Sun, Nature’s Oxyclean.

I'm Cute.

Shot with my Canon digital rebel xsi, Tamron AF 28-75mm f/2.8 Lens, and canon 430 ex II speedlite at these settings:
SS 1/6oth
ISO 200

I’m taking a mini-posting vacation today, relatives coming over in a minute. …

New Mommy Podcasts

nmnblogo Back before most of you were reading my blog I wrote this post about my love for the Pregtastic podcasts. They kept me company at the gym while lifting weights and trying to ignore the staring caused by the spectacle …

CMV – the Scariest Disease You’ve Never Heard of.

I haven’t posted much this week because I’ve been running around between doctors appointments.

About 2-3 weeks ago, I had a really bad sore throat.  I thought I was getting the flu and was grateful that I wasn’t in my …