2nd Beta is In!!!

The nurse called and I couldn’t believe my ears..

My Beta went up from 33 @ 12dpIUI to 191 @ 15dpIUI!  That’s almost doubling every 24 hours instead of 48.  (OMG, I wonder if there are two in there?)  Needless to say I am extremely relieved.. I was so panicked before I seriously didn’t breathe all day.

The other good news is my progesterone also doubled from 16 to 33. Phew.

I go in for an ultrasound next Monday.. I’m not even sure what they can see that early, I think they just check the placement of the sac and make sure its in the uterus and not ectopic or anything..

I’m a little nervous that I’m not getting a 3rd Beta, but I guess that also means they think everything is going to be fine. Plus, I don’t think I could live through another today, so its just as well!


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ariana says:

Thank you everyone, really, I’m on top of the world (for now anyway!)

hayley says:

congrats!!! i was looking for your post on my bloglines tonight…so i’m glad you posted good news!! i have been reading your home blog for awhile, so i thought i’d follow your progress over here as well. anyway, glad to see you and your little bean are thriving. good luck, and i’m looking forward to hearing updates in the future! pregnancy is such a wonder…get excited for a wild ride. :)

KC says:


lsaspacey says:

Congratulations! I know nothing about all those tests and numbers so I was waiting to say anything. It feels good to know and so I give you a real congrats!

AnNicole/Raisingirl says:

Oh my gosh! I’m so happy for you! Now take a deep breath missy, and enjoy this for a moment :).