10dpIUI – The Wait is Almost Over

In regards to my previous post about the high temperature – it was a fluke. My BBT went back down to 98.4 ish yesterday and back up to around 98.7 today.

I woke up at 5am this morning and could …

BBT Rise – Does it mean anything?

My BBT Chart

This morning I woke up and my temperature was 98.85!

You can see from the chart above that this is much higher than my normal temperatures.

In the REAL world, this would probably have no significance. But in the alternate …

The temple has been defiled..

So much for treating my body like a temple.. I have an incredible weakness for prosecco. Thanksgiving dinner I had at least two glasses.

Last night, the night after thanksgiving we drove my friend Amy home to Brooklyn and met …

CD 15 – we have a temperature rise!

I woke up this morning and THANK GOD my temps were finally up, 98.11 to be exact. Not really that high, but high enough to be a clear thermal shift meaning that I DID ovulate.. I just wonder when.

Unfortunately …