The Cutest Crib Bedding

I find most crib bedding too frilly, fussy or cutesy, and the modern designs that aren’t are usually too bold and busy. That is until I found what I think is the perfect marriage of sweet and elegant design:

Bana Fish Crib Bedding


Belle & Boo, I Love You

After our trip to visit Gemma in Brooklyn Saturday, we sauntered over to one of those little high-end designer kid stores you find every 2 blocks in Brooklyn and no where else in the world. The kind where a newborn …

Welcome to the World Gemma Elise!

Yesterday we got to meet Mike & Tracy's beautiful baby girl Gemma, who was born in the wee hours of Feb 20th. It was a group affair as a whole slew of us met for a lovely brunch and then descended on the new little family. I have mentioned before that in my group of friends there are 4 couples, 2 of which have had their babies in the past 2 months and 2 (including me) that are pregnant.

Belly Shot: 15 Weeks 3 Days

And I am HUGE!

At last, the long overdue belly shot:

15.5 weeks.

All the women on the nest second trimester message board go on about how at 22 weeks they are JUST starting to show and have gained like …

In Search of a Semi Crunchy Birth Experience

By that I mean I am torn between two worlds, the one of complete whole foods and hippiness in which I was raised, and the one of modern medicine that helped me get pregnant in the first place. Put more …

The Big U/S is Scheduled!

Wednesday I had my second OB appointment, which was really weird because it was the first time in god knows how long that I’ve been to a Dr.’s office and not had to take my clothes off!

All that happened …

In Less than One Month..

We’ll be thawing out from the winter cold in Miami Beach..I can’t wait!

As it was the city that we had our wedding in, South Beach holds many wonderful memories for us..

(I’m pretty sure I couldn’t fit one thigh …

A Revisionist Lullabye

In the shower this morning I started thinking about how very few nursery rhymes I actually know the words to. That got me humming one of the only ones I actually DO know the words to: Rockabye Baby.

Rockabye Baby

Hello Second Trimester!

Today I am 13 weeks and 3 days pregnant. That is (almost) exactly one third of the 40 weeks, and so I’m calling it the beginning of the second trimester, even though opinions of this vary wildly from OB to …

Fun with Gender Prediction

Someone posted on the second trimester message board on the nest today asking if this Chinese Gender Prediction Chart gave the correct sex of their babies (most of the women there have already had their “big” ultrasound where they find …

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