Luckiest Week EVER

Go Big Blue!

There is nothing quite as superstitious (or just plain stupid) as pinning your hopes and dreams for having another baby on whether your home team wins the superbowl, but nevertheless that’s what we found ourselves doing.

I mentioned in my last post that 4 years ago we were pregnant with Jasper when the Giants played the Patriots and won, so we felt like the Giants getting into the superbowl again to play the Patriots this year meant that this would be our cycle to get pregnant again and repeat history all around!  So it was with MORE than a little bit of nerves that we watched the game last night.

It was a nail-biter by any standard, but when you add in the potential future of your unborn children, it takes it to a whole new level!

But, I KNEW they would win because this has been our lucky week.  Starting Friday with the positive pregnancy test, then the Superbowl win last night, but also Sunday someone put in an application to rent our house!

I know I haven’t blogged much about our new house because we hadn’t gotten the commitment letter from the bank and I just didn’t want to jinx anything going wrong, but it finally came in last Monday (hmmm, I guess our good luck started even earlier in the week!)

We are closing this Friday and supposedly moving  the following week (the week I go to WPPI!) So it was essential that we find a renter for our current house – even at what we were asking for rent we will still be losing money on the old house every month, but if it goes unrented it’s an unacceptable amount of money. PLUS, we haven’t packed a single box because we are worried that once we do the house will look like a tornado came through and we wouldn’t be able to show it to potential renters.

All this is to say that someone putting in an application is a HUGE weight off of our shoulders and will allow us to start packing and get serious about the fact that we are moving in a week.

Yeah, way to pack in all the major life changes into the same month!

Now we just have to keep the faith that our luck will hold out and the Beta numbers from this morning’s blood draw come back OK. I need a number of at least 224 (on the very low side, preferably closer to at least 300) or there will be a lot of doubt as to weather this pregnancy will continue.

I’ll know by this afternoon and will post back when I get the call.

It’s going to be a very very long few hours waiting to see if our good luck will hold out for one more day..

UPDATE! Just got a call from the nurse and the Beta # was 461! 72 hours inbetween the first beta, so the doubling rate is 35 hours which is fantastic. Yahooooo!  Now comes an agonizing week long wait until the next Beta , the first ultrasound and perhaps our first indication of how many are in there. YIKES!

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GiGi says:

WOO HOO! Congrats on ALL of the new developments! May your blessings abound!

jamie says:


Wonderful news! I haven’t cared who won the Superbowl in a long time, but I was definitely rooting for the Giants this year — I couldn’t help but think of you :)

vikki says:

Beaming from ear to ear! Great news on the high beta reading!

Joanna says:

So exciting! Awesome numbers!! Hope the week flies for you. It’s a good thing you’ll be busy packing!

morgan says:

Will you be bringing back BECOMING HOME?????!!! I loved it sooo much!

Fiona says:

Been checking all day! Well done – great news. Finger, toes, everything crossed for you!

Fiona x

jbhat says:

Look at that little kiddo! So cute. So ready to watch the next game with his sib(s)!! Keeping crossed for you on all counts–womb, home, etc.


CJ says:

Congrats! Hooray!!!

Nina says:

Was checking back for an update! Yay, for the great Beta number! Thanks for keeping us updated. :)

Mama Smith says:

As patriots fans we were bummed last night but knowing how much you had riding on it I guess it’s okay! Super good luck- I’m sure everything will keep going your way and can’t wait to see the new house.

vedjen says:

Fingers crossed!

Nina says:

So much great stuff going on the past few weeks! Can’t wait to see the house once you guys get in it. Keeping my fingers crossed for another great Beta number! :)

Tira J says:

Awesome week for you and your family Ariana! I am tentatively going to WPPI, so I would love to meet you in person! Praying for good Beta numbers! xoxo

Kristen says:

What a great week Ariana! I thought of you of course when they won. Can’t wait to see pictures of what you do to your new house, it looks amazing already. Sending lots of thoughts your way on your betas!