Adobe Carousel

How appropriate that the product is called Carousel, because my mind is “spinning” from the events of the last 48 hours. Honestly, I should have titled this post down the rabbit hole because that’s where it feels like I’ve …

We Had a Conversation

Tell me about your day mommy..

Last night I had a shoot in the early evening so Jeff had picked Jasper up from daycare. On the way home I always ask Jasper about his day- what he did, who he played with, if he had fun..but …

Canon Professional Services Qualification Changes!

I have to admit I felt a little bit left out of the party because it used to be that you couldn’t join Canon Professional Services (CPS) unless you had two qualifying camera bodies. But now they changed to a …

20 Year HS Reunion + 38th Birthday = I am Old.

All in one weekend, two reminders that I am no longer a spring chicken..

Today is my last day being 37. Which honestly wouldn’t be SO bad, but while you may call 37 “mid thirties” there is no denying that …

Back in the Saddle

Some of you may recall how during our visit to LA back in September of 2010 we took Jasper to ride the carousel at Griffith Park.  It didn’t go well.  For whatever reason, that carousel is a bit creepy …

Lightroom 50% Off Today!

I have a whole bunch of new lightroom posts planned (yay!) but just wanted to take a quick second to let you know about an amazing 50% off sale that Adobe is having on Lightroom 3 for today only!

If …

Jasper’s Superhero Third Birthday Bash!

At long last, the party recap (um, almost 2 months later? Yikes!)

First, a little video..

And now, the details!

Well, overall I have to say that the party did NOT go as smoothly as last year.

First of all, …

403 Forbidden

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