Falling Platelets

The blue gown didn't really fit

I finally went to the hematologist yesterday. My platelets are down to 102 from 115, unfortunately trending downwards.   For some reason he wanted to do an exam (?) which was interesting because the nurse didn’t tell me which way to …

Polypectomy = Done. Demerol = Yum!

The polypectomy (or polyp removal for those of you who don’t speak medicalese) was really not so bad. In fact, the worst part was the waiting. They tell you to get to the hospital 1.5 hours before your scheduled surgery, …



At almost three, Jasper seems to be approaching just the right age for the “kids say the damdest things” type of utterances..

Like yesterday I had to take Jasper with me to the ATM and I told him we were …

Happy Belated Halloween!

Scooby Dooby Doo!!!

Halloween party in Brooklyn..

Other than a super fun halloween party with all of our friends and their babies, it’s been a very difficult week.

Just when I thought things were improving, we had a serious step …

Jasper is Six Weeks Old Today!

And no longer tongue tied..(more on that later). But first, introducing Jasper Bear:

So I think it’s true what they say, babies get worse until 6 weeks and then start getting better until 3 months. This past week there have …

Small Legs Big head :(

Sorry I didn’t post sooner, I had a very stressful day.

I woke up early full of excitement about my BPP U/S (biophysical profile Ultrasound) to get a sense of how big the baby is and make sure things look …

Ultrasound Results – Cervix is Closed!

I got the best possible news, my cervical length is still 3.5, which means no change at all since my anatomy scan at 19 weeks! No funneling either, so bed rest is off the table, yay!

I had the sweetest …

Update on Preterm Contractions..

Thank you all so so much for your kind and encouraging words of support.

Saturday night I was still having contractions, but not as much yesterday day… until they got me hooked up for my monitoring at the hospital. The …

Preterm Labor at 30 Weeks

Well, it didn’t take me long to be back in the care of the open door midwives, less than 24 hours in fact!

Yesterday (saturday) morning, I wiped and saw blood, more like a dark brown discharge. I also was …

I passed the GD test, and What’s in a Name?

Thank GOD. I had absolutely no interest in having to do the three hour test, so this is very good news.

The rest of my OB appointment was uneventful. I just told her I was leaving. Didn’t get too much …

403 Forbidden

403 Forbidden