Dano Circus Teether Giveaway Winner!

And the winner is…(drumroll please)

commenter #15, Katie. I’m sure her little Lily (or baberooski as she calls her) will just love these.

Thanks so much everyone for playing.

Don’t forget, these are also available from the Dano online

Teething Hell

storytime-9 I don't know what rock I've been living under, but I had NO idea that cutting teeth would be this awful. I now have a theory that new parents live in denial about the challenging stages that lie ahead every bit as much as we get amnesia about the ones that have passed... what else can explain the fact that I wasn't terrified of teething? And I truly believe it's better that way. Because let me tell you, had I even had the slightest idea it would be this bad I would have been up every night worrying about it since he started drooling and putting everything in his mouth that wasn't nailed down.

Photoshop Tutorial: Actions

It’s Photoshop Friday!

Today’s tutorial is about actions.. how to load them, run them and then adjust them. In case you missed my last photoshop post, the actions that I’m using in the video are the wonderful Free Action …

Quinoa Baby Cereal Recipe. Keen Who?

Shot with my Digital Rebel Sigma 30mm 1.4 lens at these settings: F 1.4 (wide open baby!) Shutter speed 1/80th ISO 400. I don't know how much you remember my "GI Jasper" posts (anything that references his allergies, bowel habits, reflux or GI system in general) but the short story is that he was a once a day pooper before solids. That isn't all that often for an exclusively breast fed baby and he's never been exactly ..."prolific" in that department.

New Brown Hat

You would think that Jasper would appreciate the new brown wool hat that mommy lovingly crocheted him with her own two hands. And you would be very very wrong. Brown-hat-1 Need I say more?

If this isn’t Love..

I don’t know what is.

Shot with my Digital Rebel
Sigma 30mm 1.4 Lens at these settings:
F 2.0
Shutter speed 1/60
ISO 200.

Image editing in Adobe Lightroom.

Dano Circus Teethers Giveaway!

Dano Circus Teethers

I am so excited the kind folks at Dano agreed to sponsor this giveaway because their Circus Ring Teethers are Jasper’s FAVORITE teething toys (well, these and his beloved Sophie Le Giraffe!).

I think the picture below says it …

Happy 7 Months Jasper!

Jasper at 7 months

Dear Jasper,
What a month this has been!

You are now eating solid food, sleeping (almost) through the night, weaning off of prevacid, military crawling.. and so much more.

Your favorite things are so simple… The box we keep your …

Jasper Bath Pictures and the Longwinded Story of my New Lens

Here are some bath pictures taken with my new lens! So here's where most of you who like looking at pictures more than taken them will want to stop reading.. what follows is long and fairly technical (boring?) but may be of interest to some of you so I will post it anyway!

It’s So Good to Be Bad

You don’t need to watch the whole thing ( it’s pretty long)  but notice how when attempting to motivate Jasper with something he is allowed to play with (like the place mat from Ikea – his new favorite toy!) he …

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