Creating an Album for your/your client’s iPad

I love the idea of giving my clients not just a PHYSICAL album, but one that they can also enjoy and take with them on their mobile devices (hello marketing!)

There are tons of different directions you could go with …

Adobe Releases Lightroom 4 Today

Adobe announced the release of the final version of  Lightroom 4 at 12:01 this morning.  (The public Beta expires March 31st.)

I’ve already blogged about some of the new features, but I’m going to go over a few of …

Lightroom 4 Beta Released today!

Adobe announced the release of a Lightroom 4 public beta today, it’s free to download from Adobe Labs.

I was lucky enough to get to take a peak at it pre-release and here are my top five highlights that …

Editing ONLY in Lightroom: Before & After with Video

A few weeks ago, I was reading an interesting thread on where one of the most respected members said that most photographers don’t use Lightroom for more than organization and basic fixes like White balance and exposure. In her …

Lightroom 50% Off Today!

I have a whole bunch of new lightroom posts planned (yay!) but just wanted to take a quick second to let you know about an amazing 50% off sale that Adobe is having on Lightroom 3 for today only!

If …

Jasper’s Third Year in Pictures

I am so behind on blogging!! It has been a crazy week and I know the birthday party recap is going to take a bit of time to write.. in the meantime, here is my annual “Jasper’s Year in pictures” …

Making Session Album Prints in Lightroom – Free Template Included!

In my first collection that includes an album, I use the Finao Self mount (Eements) albums:

Self mount just means that you order the prints from your own lab and then mount them in the album via peel and …

Lightroom Targeted Adjustment Tool for Quick Saturation and Contrast Boost

This post will be partly about lens choices and partly about editing since I had a bunch of questions about both after I posted images of our Florida Trip!

First, the lenses. After debating a bit, I decided to …

Photoshop Friday: Merging two Exposures from Lightroom into Photoshop Layers

There’s been a big buzz lately on photography forums about this new OnOne software called “Perfect Layers.”  Right now it’s in Free public Beta, but they plan on releasing it with a $160 price tag.  From the marketing …

Lightroom Histogram and Red Channel Clipping in Photoshop

I received this question in my inbox from Kacey. With her permission, I’m posting it here in case this discussion helps anyone else!

I’ve been reading your tutorials about LR and PSE and I’ve found them so helpful!  I have

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