Mommy SOS: 18 Month Growth Spurt?

Two nights ago Jasper woke up at 3:30am demanding milk.. and then proceeded to wake up every 30-60 minutes after that, either crying for milk or needing to be rocked back to sleep. I chalked it up to teething, or …

Jasper Sings Happy Birthday

Actually, I’m not sure this really qualifies as singing, but he says it a whole lot!

Seriously, he’s OBSESSED with happy birthday. It started when one of his daycare classmates had his first birthday last week and everyone sang happy …

Seamless Paper Setup and Pullbacks

Mandy asked in a previous post if I could show a pullback of my setup, so during one of my shoots this past weekend I made a point to remember to take a few pics. Here is the Savage Coral

And the Lightscooop Giveaway Winner is…

Commenter #43 Sheri is the lucky winner of the Lightscoop!


For those of you that did not win, remember you can order one of your own from the  Lightscoop website ($34.95)  or from Adorama via Amazon ($24.95) Also, for …

Happy Belated 17 Months Jasper!

Dear Jasper, I almost didn’t get around to ever writing this because next month’s birthday is such a big one I wasn’t sure we shouldn’t wait! But as usual, there are so many new things you are doing that I …

Ask The Expert : Picky Eaters – Perfectly Normal or Pathological?

Kathleen 2I am so thrilled to have Dr. Cuneo for my first “Ask the Expert” post writing about a subject near and dear to my heart. Most of you know that Jasper is an extremely picky eater, but you may not

Madison’s Valentine’s Day Photoshoot

During the fall gymboree semester there was one little girl Madison who I just fell in love with…  I always joked with her dad that she was like the poster child for gymboree – unlike Jasper who refuses to participate …

Giving the Speedlite Some Love

Ever since getting the mark II I’ve been a bit lazy in low light situations..the ability to shoot at ISO up to 3200 without too much image degradation is seductive -very very seductive.  And often it is the right choice …

Photography Basics : Let’s Talk Focus

I have been getting a lot of questions about focus recently, and I think it’s a good topic to discuss because so many of you are new to DSLRs and focus can be a sticky issue at first (and always …

Mommy SOS: Operation Pacifier Elimination

Today’s Mommy SOS comes from Maria of this infamous Ariana airhead moment..

I’d love to hear other real Mom experiences and recommendations with eliminating the use of a pacifier. Jonah uses his at nap and bed time and occasionally

403 Forbidden

403 Forbidden