Welcome to the World Gemma Elise!

Yesterday we got to meet Mike & Tracy’s beautiful baby girl Gemma, who was born in the wee hours of Feb 20th.

It was a group affair as a whole slew of us met for a lovely brunch and then descended on the new little family. I have mentioned before that in my group of friends there are 4 couples, 2 of which have had their babies in the past 2 months and 2 (including me) that are pregnant. But never before have I posted a picture of all four of us together until Jay sent me this one:

The Four Breeders, from left to right: Sara (due in March), Sarah holding Tracy’s daughter Gemma, me holding Sarah’s daughter Daphne and Tracy.

And then there were these other highlights..

Jeff holding baby Gemma

Daphne’s Dad Jay wearing a bit of Daphne’s lunch on his shirt

Amy holding Daphne.

So, two down, two to go.. and since Gemma turned out to be a girl and Sara knows she’s having a girl, Jeff & I are the last chance our little group has at a boy. I think I might feel a little bit left out of the girl posse though if it does turn out we’re having a boy!

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ariana says:

Wow, that’s a lot of boys! I can’t decide if I’m hoping I’ll have the luckiest boy alive or a girl who will have 3 best friends for life.. I guess it doesn’t matter cause I don’t have much choice in the matter :)

Claudia says:

Among my “breeder” friends (9 couples) there are 11 boys and 3 girls, so we’re a bit skewed the other way. I’m feeling some major “you have to have a girl” pressure here.