Belly Shot: 15 Weeks 3 Days

And I am HUGE!

At last, the long overdue belly shot:

15.5 weeks.

All the women on the nest second trimester message board go on about how at 22 weeks they are JUST starting to show and have gained like 2 lbs… All I can say is maybe I’m carrying a wildebeast, but you can most definitely see that I’m pregnant (or very fat at least!)

I wonder if it’s because my antroverted (tipped forward) uterus?

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ariana says:

Aw, you all are so sweet, I need to post belly pics more often.

Dawn, you made me snarf my water!

Dawn says:

You look amazing and if you complain about being fat I’m going to sit on you!

Its Lovely says:

Aw, it’s all belly. While Im not pregnant yet (argh) I’m sure I’m going to be huge from day 1 ; )
You look great!

: )

Emily says:

Thanks for the photo update! I’ve been keeping up with your blog for awhile now – I actually found your Becoming Home first when my husband and I bought our house. I think you are showing so much because you were tiny to begin with – It has to push out somewhere, right? Anyways Congratulations! You look beautiful.

Melanie says:

You look WONDERFUL! You wanna see huge, go check out my nest bio!! I looked about the way you do when I was 15 weeks too. Everyone is different. Enjoy it! I liked showing early, it made it feel more real before I started feeling the baby move in there!

Sara says:

You look fabulous! The beginnings of a baby bump make it so much fun.

ariana says:

Thanks Christina! I’m just surprised by how big it is friend Sara barely showed at all at 20weeks. That is clearly not my destiny!

Adorable!!! You probably feel like it’s a lot but it is absolutely the cutest bump, really!!

ariana says:

Hi Lsa! :)